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The Internet

Submission + - Did they fix THE memory leak.

Pat__ writes: With every new story about Firefox someone starts asking/complaining about the memory leaks and memory consumption.

In the hope of laying this issue to rest once and for all, here is a great detailed post by Stuart Parmenter.

Here's what we've done:
Reduced memory fragmentation , fixed cycles with the cycle collector,
tuned our caches, adjusted how we store image data, hunted down leaks.

Bottom line is, about 400 leak bugs fixed and 60% less memory usage in normal times. Are you happy now?
Media (Apple)

Submission + - DRM-free means Apple-free as well (neowin.net)

Technical Writing Geek writes: "Apple CEO Steve Jobs is getting exactly what he asked for nearly a year ago: Industry movement away from DRM music. But the DRM freedom he wanted is looking more like DRM freedom from Apple. There has been a whole lot of shakin' going on the last two weeks with respect to DRM-free content: Warner made its library available to Amazon, as unprotected MP3s. Sony BMG announced plans to release its catalog DRM free. In second quarter, Napster will go back to its MP3 roots, with a library available in the unprotected format

While the DRM-free moves may be good for consumers, many labels' have another motivation: DRM freedom from Apple.


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