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Submission + - Stompy Bot Promises to Backport Linux Support to Unreal Engine 4 ( 1

Vamman writes: It's one thing to promise Linux support in a new video game. It's entirely a different thing to promise to backport work from your own product to one of the biggest engines names going — Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. Independent Publisher Stompy Bot and Developer MekTek Studios did just that in promising Linux support on their Kickstarter — for their new title Heavy Gear Assault. Sounds like the developer is a bit frustrated from past experiences with their work on the MechWarrior series, which as they point out, was always a Windows only franchise. Offering dedicated server consoles and all the like in Linux — these guys have the right idea about who to support. Check em' out.

Comment Re:Flat installer to be released (Score 2, Informative) 151

Yes. 1) Full installer. InstallShield, installs the entire game to version 21 (which is being validated by betas tonight and tomorrow). No patching. Done. We'll deal with future updates once the smoke clears. 1.8GB utorrent or whatever you like. No MTX involved. 2) Incremental patches for people that already installed. Once again a simple patching. I think he will make a program to do the patching to get everyone up to version 21 and then we can all take a breather and figure out how to proceed. 3) Sorry about this. We didn't expect this many people (we thought may a few thousand people tops, not the numbers we are getting). 4) Probably will put the fire under the asses of the powers that be to make an MW5. Obviously there is an interest :) 5) Sorry for any inconveniece. We do this on our own time and dime.

Comment Flat installer to be released (Score 4, Informative) 151

We are going with a flat installer. The MTX thing was a total disaster. We should have this ready for downlaod via bittorrent in a few days. This will be a complete install up to version 21 (which has numerous issues fixed). Hopefully this will get everyone the game installed, and playing. Will also give us some breathing room to get this MTX thing redesigned to do what it needs to do. We never expect this many people.

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 131

Actually this is free, as in beer. We're targeting this weekend for the free release patch. In meantime go to download MTX and get the .0017 and .0018 patch. When betas are done going over .0019 update (which removes the CD requirement), you'll already be 90% of the way there. And, yes, we will continue to move this old game back into the 31st century where it belongs. Did someone say MMO? :O

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