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Comment Interact Model One (Score 1) 857

Saved up the $500 from my first summer job after my freshman year in high school in '80. Just looked it up on and learned more than I knew. Installed the RS232 card by unplugging the 8080, plugging it into the card, and plugging the card into the empty processor socket. Game controllers were direction and an analog knob at the top of the stick. BASIC was a little like the CoCo, especially the graphics (x,y,color,something...or was it x,y,fg,bg?), but different enough to find it painful to convert. I think it overheated due to the very solid metal box the mainboard was contained in. Was forgotten when family for a ][e in '83. WHEE!!!

Submission + - Uber's autonomous vehicle testing has stopped, for now

93 Escort Wagon writes: San Francisco bicyclists can breathe a sigh of relief, now that Uber has suspended testing of its autonomous fleet in the city. The company announced the decision after the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended the registration of the vehicles involved in the testing.

Uber remains "100 percent committed to California and will be redoubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rules."

Submission + - Bug in libvirt allows unauthenticated VNC sessions

gavron writes: A bug in the libvirt virtualization library allows attackers to connect to VNC servers that have no password set (that are using a non simple-password authentication) but instead of denying access... no authentication will be tried and the user will be connected.

The US National Vulnerability Database rates this a 9.8 on the CVSS severity level.


Submission + - SPAM: Today Marks the Final Flight of the Venerable F-4 Phantom

schwit1 writes: The final flight and retirement ceremony for the venerable F-4 Phantom will be December 21at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. The Phantom is still in active service at Holloman with Detachment 1 of the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron.

The F-4 first flew in 1958 and set 15 world records for in-flight performance, including an absolute speed recordand an absolute altitude record. It first entered active service with the Navy in 1960 and eventually became the frontline fighter not only with the Navy, but also with the Air Force and the Marines.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Latest Wikileaks release reveals DNC bias against Sanders

ComradeF writes: Emails retrieved from employees of the Democratic National Committee by the hacker "Guccifer 2.0" appear to have revealed what supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders and his bid to become the Democratic nominee for US President suspected all along: the party was actively working against him. One DNC employee "asked colleagues to 'get someone to ask his belief' in God and suggested that it could make a difference in Kentucky and West Virginia." Though Sanders is not mentioned by name, many have concluded that he was the target.

Comment Re:HAM (Score 1) 840

Funny... I just got my /28 block in 44-land yesterday. Semi-isolated, 1200bps packet node running for months using linux native AX25 and FBB PBBS.

My choice in such a situation would be to roll-out wifi mesh/bridges. Sure, mesh routing needs work, but it'll work in a pinch. Its an area where amateur radio can help do research for trickle-down consumer networking that can help make the "net neutrality" issue go away.

Look me up on QRZ

73 de Jeff KC2SDS

Comment Sounds Corny (Score 1) 646

So much of the discussion seems to be a "Battle of the Sweeteners".

My beef (and other meat) with corn is how much there is in our diets. Start your day off with a bowl of corn-sweetened, puffed or flaked corn cereal moistened with the milk from corn-fed beef. For lunch, some corn-fed meat and HFCS-based condiment, a bag of crunchy corn chips, washed down with some carbonated HFCS. Repeat for dinner.

Cattle are supposed to eat grasses, not corn. Much energy (drive an e-85 vehicle to the fast food drive-thru?) is used to convert corn into something cattle can digest (with the help of antibiotics and growth hormones).

Of course this isn't just any corn, it's an industrial monoculture created and patented by Monsanto.

The corn I grew in the garden was great this year, but I couldn't help being reminded how much corn is already in our diets. At least the stuff in the garden still had some bran fiber left. It seems like a filler, added to everything because the corn producers need to turn inventory into profit.

Corn. It's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Comment Marketing tip for next time (Score 1) 602

Its probably to late to make a large enough batch that are 180 degrees out of phase with the ones currently being used, but for next time, making 50% of them out of phase would make them self-quieting.

Maybe a ringtone or mp3 that is 180 degrees out could be quickly deployed.

Two negatives make a positive, and two positives make a negative. Yeah, right.

Comment Themed Arrangements (Score 2, Funny) 520

The NORAD Command Center in "War Games" was always a favorite of mine, but Starfleet(tm) Bridge or Engineering could be fun too. Folks could have uniforms of differently colored company polo shirts.

A generic command post with visitor theater above it might be intriguing.

Replicating part of the cubical farm in The Matrix could just be an interesting "after-work" team-building project.


Comment Re:Backwards (Score 1) 853

"When all else fails" does not mean that there will always be a way to get pr0n or post some video of your car after a tornado parked it on the roof of your house. It means that net neutrality goes down the tubes and traffic gets severely "shaped". Most, if not all "traffic" will go through formal "nets", to and from official government jurisdictions and maybe NGOs such as Red Cross and Salvation Army. See and, respectively.

I haven't seen an RFC regarding TCP/IP via one of these yet ;)

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