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Comment Re: Why use VMWare? (Score 1) 162

Sorry, but no. ESXi runs a custom proprietary kernel called "vmkernel" and has been this way since 1.0. You may be confused by the fact that up to v4.1 there was a Linux virtual machine running on top of it dubbed the "service console". Since v5.0 it has been removed. But even before, the Linux OS you mention is not the one that runs on the metal.

Nowadays ESXi has no Linux running whatsoever, but there is a busybox shell that may make it look like so.

Please note that I am not taking sides on whether the GPL has been infringed. Just saying that the Linux kernel is positively not there.

Comment Re:"Obliged to keep records of users' access" (Score 1) 132

From the original in Portuguese:

"O sigilo das comunicações dos usuários da internet não pode ser violado. Provedores de acesso à internet serão obrigados a guardar os registros das horas de acesso e do fim da conexão dos usuários pelo prazo de seis meses, mas isso deve ser feito em ambiente controlado."

which translates roughly as:

"The user's communication privacy cannot be violated. ISPs will be obliged to keep track of access and connection hours for six months, but this must be done in a controlled environment".

So yeah, I think it is pretty good. No URLs, no content, just connection times. Six months so your IP can be tied to a person in case the police needs to come after you, but no content and no invasion. Sounds fair.

Comment 20 GOTO 10 (Score 1) 149

It is basically the same deal over and over. We need to reduce complexity in programming, so we build yet another abstraction layer. We hide the complexity from the programmer and deal with it in the infrastructure, thus creating more bugs and worse performance. The bugs get (very) slowly fixed and the performance issues are compensated by evolving hardware, which takes a few years. Such is life. If it were not for some initiatives like this one, SAP would be written in machine code.

That is not to say that this is the solution to all problems, neither that this is even the best alternative for anything, but it's just the way that software evolves, and as such, time will tell.


Submission + - Enterprises Don't Understand IT Risk (

Orome1 writes: A global survey of more than 1,240 IT decision makers at large enterprises – 72% of which have more than 1,000 employees – found that 33% of respondents do not believe their organizations have an accurate assessment of the level of IT risk they face from internal and external threats. This lack of confidence in risk assessment is warranted for two reasons. First, nearly one in four companies (23%) indicated that they do not have a formal IT risk management program in place. Second, a large percentage of businesses do not routinely review user access rights to data.

Comment OK, please remember it's time travel! (Score 1) 1270

And not space travel, so unless you're already where you want to be, there's no use in being able to be when you want to be.

Especially if you're going as far back as to be in a time where long distance travel would be hard, time-consuming, or right down impossible.

If I'm nitpicking, please blame The Big Bang Theory, season 1, episode 14.

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