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Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1) 116

When Raymond revised Steele's Hacker's Dictionary in 1991, "hacker" meant "computer programming enthusiast."

You're still wrong. There's a difference between a "computer programming enthusiast" and a hacker. The latter is a state of mind, an approach to problem solving that is different from someone who is simply a programmer, no matter how enthusiastic. Again, go read the section I quoted.

And while I'll grant that popular usage has debased the honorable title "hacker", I will not grant that the older meaning is invalid. He is not misusing the word; he's at most applying a definition that's one of two accepted ones.

Those who corrupted the honorable "hacker" to mean "computer criminal" should be taken out back and shot. (Figuratively speaking.)

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1) 116

He does indeed regard himself as a hacker. And, RobotRunAmok, before you say he believes "hacker" means simply "programmer", I suggest you consult his own writing on the subject: Start with How To Become a Hacker, especially the Section "What Is a Hacker?".

He definitely does not believe information wants to be free. That's a Stallmanism.

And, as it happens, he does recognize Hendrix as groundbreaking, but does not agree with the common assessment that he's the greatest guitarist ever. He's more likely to argue that Joe Satrianni qualifies. ("But don't let [Satrianni] sing!")

Comment Re:MVS core dumps (Score 1) 615

When I was doing IBM mainframe systems programming in that era (we were the first shop in Houston to go to MVS/XA, to exploit our shiny new 3084, and we did that conversion in six weeks), I walked in through the machine room on my way to my office one morning. Got stopped by an operator who thanked me for having a solution to a problem he'd called me with overnight. I didn't even remember the call...

Submission + - FAA Tells Dreamliner Operators to Just Reboot It

Jay Maynard writes: How often do we tell computer users to just reboot it and see if the problem goes away? The FAA is now doing just that. They've issued an airworthiness directive — an order that must be complied with in order for an aircraft to be legal to fly — that requires operators of Boeing 787 Dreamliners to completely power off the aircraft at least every 21 days in order to reset the systems. The reason? They had received reports that all three flight control computers would simultaneously reset themselves on day 22.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 243

We grew up out there, saw that it was a cultural and economic dead end, and fled as soon as we could. We understand the rural lifestyle quite well as we were raised in it.

But do you understand why others find it attractive? Somehow, I seriously doubt it. And if you do not, you do not truly understand it.

Comment Re:Not mine, you won't... (Score 1) 243

The problem is that what Americans call "dense" isn't dense enough, outside the Northeast, for European-style mass transit to work well, and yet lots of folks think American cities aren't truly great unless they have mass transit - regardless of whether it will work and be cost-effective. That leaves American taxpayers with huge bills for mass transit systems they'll never use.

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