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Comment Re:bad design (Score 4, Interesting) 381

Yes it does (look through 50TB of data), and how would you design it? It has to access all of your friends and find their postings. Robert Johnson gave an excellent talk on facebook's design two weeks ago at OOPSLA (it should be in the ACM digital library soon). He stated that there is no clear segregation of data, the (friend) network is too connected and extracting groups of friends isn't possible. Basically they have a huge mysql farm with memcached on top. Loading an inbox will hit multiple servers (maybe even a different server for each of your friends) across the farm.

Bay Area To Install Electric Vehicle Grid 388

Mike writes "Recently San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland unveiled a massive concerted effort to become the electric vehicle capitol of the United States. The Bay Area will be partnering with Better Place to create an essential electric vehicle infrastructure, marking a huge step towards the acceptance of electric vehicles as a viable alternative to those that run on fossil fuels." has some conceptual illustrations and a map showing EV infrastructure, such as battery exchange stations, stretching from Sacramento to San Diego — though this is far more extensive than the Bay Area program actually announced, which alone is estimated to cost $1 billion.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linspire to be based on Kubuntu

FliesLikeABrick writes: "The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter has unveiled that Linspire announced that they will be switching to base their distribution off Ubuntu. With their polished KDE desktop this makes Linspire the latest in the impressive list of operating systems based off Kubuntu.

It was also announced that Linspire's Click and Run install programme would be added to the Ubuntu archive, giving users of all Ubuntu distributions easy access to a large range of free and proprietary software."

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