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Comment Re:SLASHCOTT (Score 3, Insightful) 195

I'm SO sick of this 'Fuck Beta' crap.

YOU the /. community are one of most technically-able groups of users on the internet. Therefore, instead of whining about a FREE service that you no longer enjoy, why not group together and build something better? If it's better than /. (not hard...) then your user base will come. A handful of you could throw up a simple blogging system in a few hours, whilst you work on something permanent...

So instead of bitching about it to corporate owners who do not care, get off your arses and build something better. seems to be offline at the time of writing - a good effort but when I did look at it yesterday it seems to be 90% ideas, and sod all development. The best sites on the net, didn't spring into life fully formed, they evolved. The important thing is to just get something up and working as fast as possible.

(Why am I not joining the effort? I'm a Windows guy, my linux foo is simply not good enough else I would.)


Comment Re:Vanilla.js FTW (Score 0) 573

Seriously, This.

I *hate* JQuery, I also *hate* that every time I ask the internet for how to do X in JavaScript, 95% of search results are actually JQuery examples.

I'm not a pro site builder, I do little projects for fun, I DO NOT need jQuery. It seems to me that so many script-kiddies who have actually NO IDEA how to write JavaScript, bolt-on JQuery by default and then live inside the $ class, using unaltered code lumps ripped from the aforementioned search results.

Until JQuery is merged with the core JavaScript library on most browsers (which is kinda pointless seeing as it's just JavaScript anyway), It CANNOT be considered a 'core' language and is still very much an 'extension' which may or may not be supported in browsers going forward.

Anyway, rant over... :)


Comment Re:Cold zones (Score 1) 195

Mind sharing which Honeywell it was that you bought?

I've recently swapped out an old rotary one for a DT90E, and I'm really not happy with it - it keeps flicking the boiler on/off too often :(


Comment Re:Only if I can use self signed certs (Score 1, Informative) 320

I tried that - then discovered that MS Exchange* will NOT do ActiveSync properly to some devices unless the cert is proper trusted one.

Bloody annoying.

If the world wants https-everywhere, then a) free trusted signed certs must be available for everyone (like StartSSL offers, but with wildcard certs as well), and b) the ability to attach different certs to virtual hosts on the SAME ip must be enabled (IIS on Windows can't do this - can Apache/non-MS-Webservers do it?)

(*And no, I wont swap to a Linux/SendMail/Whatever solution, as I'm a professional MS consultant, so have to eat my own dog food)


Comment Re:Approachable download for the way! (Score 1) 176

...code compatible with the most incompatible OS currently available

Also the most widely used on the desktop, which makes your argument invalid.

Unlike Linux, Windows enjoys (typically) a compile once, run anywhere model. Hence the desire from Windows users to obtain pre-compiled binaries - why should I waste time compiling source into the same binary that countless other Windows users have already got?

I want to enjoy using my platform of choice, not waste endless hours watching packages download, and compilers run.


Comment Re:Does it do custom folders? (Score 1) 193

Why is all the good stuff already modded 5, when I have mod points?

This. Pretty much why I don't use my Mod points when I get them any more. I'm a daily /. reader, but even then, everything worth modding is already modded :( It's like the system hands out mod points to EVERYONE all on the SAME day, about ONCE a WEEK...


Comment Re:Add DNS for "legitimate" sites (Score 1) 122

Your idea kinda works....

1. What if the block filter is also blocking the IP address?
2. What if the block filter is scanning the HTTP 1.1 request header that will contain the line 'host: <blocked-domain>' ?

for your concept, I believe it's quite simple to configure a linux distro to be a DHCP server for your network that also does DNS and performs it's own querying of the DNS root servers, so your concept is totally doable technically, i'm just not sure how it well it would work in reality...


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