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Submission + - Bill Nye "The Science Guy": Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children (youtube.com)

timeOday writes: BigThink has released a video missive by Bill Nye "The Science Guy" in which he challenges the low level of acceptance of evolution, particularly in the United States. He does not mince words: 'I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that's completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that's fine, but don't make your kids do it because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can — we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.'
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Space Quest fans create retro adventure game to support new SpaceVenture (spacequest.net) 9

Decaffeinated Jedi writes: "A team of fans has released a short retro point-and-click adventure game titled "Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure" to rally support for the new Kickstarter from Space Quest creators, the Two Guys from Andromeda. The game features its protagonist, Bea (named for Roger Wilco's love interest in the Space Quest series), completing a series of puzzles that culminate in her logging on to her computer and making a pledge in support of the upcoming sci-fi/comedy SpaceVenture game from the Two Guys. The "Pledge Quest" game was conceptualized and developed by fans in just a few short days, in hope that it would rally support for the Two Guys' SpaceVenture (which reaches its deadline on June 12)."

Submission + - Space Quest Creators' Kickstarter Underway (kickstarter.com)

Elrond, Duke of URL writes: "The creators of the Space Quest series of adventure games, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a new "SpaceVenture" adventure game. They've put up a number of great interviews, Q&A sessions, and artwork to entice contributors. For the game, they've already lined up some impressive voice talent, including Rob Paulsen, Ellen McLain, and Gary Owens. There are only five days left in the campaign and they still have a way to go, and as someone whose early computer usage was all but defined by Sierra adventures, I definitely would like to see them succeed. The contributor rewards are pretty nice, too..."

Submission + - SpaceVenture : a new "Sierra" style game from the makers of Space Quest (guysfromandromeda.com) 1

oneiros27 writes: As previously covered a few years ago, sarien.net created a javascript interpreter for old Sierra games. Now, the original creators of Space Quest and the folks responsible for sarien.net are planning a new game, and have already put out some teasers to test browsers and show off the artwork, and show they haven't lost their sense of humor.

Submission + - Live Interview With GLaDOS From Portal (twitch.tv)

Mr. Jaggers writes: "Chris Pope (podcaster from Tech Jives Network and social media guy for the Guys From Andromeda game studio) is being joined by Ellen McLain, the voice actress of GLaDOS from Valve's series of Portal games in an informal live chat on Twich TV right now (12pm PST / 3pm EST, United States time zones). Ellen's other voice work includes the announcer from Team Fortress 2, as well as appearing in the other games in Valve's 2007 Orange Box release (Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two). The chat can be joined via IRC or from the Twitch TV website, and Ellen will be available to fans for questions, including her work with Valve, as well as future projects (including the spiritual-successor to the Space Quest series of adventure games). The podcast of it will be up later on for those that miss the chat, but for those that can join in, it ought to be real treat to be able to ask GLaDOS why she was so mean to us..."

Comment Keep gettign the message out there. (Score 1) 9

Well the only thing that backers can really do at this point on their own is keep trying to do exactly this. Get the message out there. Go to forums on gaming sites, find a thread about it and post! Talk about favorite moments, wants for the new game, hopes that we'll pull through. Tweet out into the universe at large, post on facebook, you never know when a friend or follower will retweet or post the news along to someone else who might share with someone else. Information spreads like a virus, you just need to keep sneezing up new info for people to get infected with!

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Re-kickstarting our Kickstarter? (kickstarter.com) 9

An anonymous reader writes: We are supporters of an old-school adventure game Kickstarter that is dealing with "Kickstarter fatigue". The project itself is a sarcastic/comedic, science-fiction adventure, with reknowned and proven talent behind it — now that Kickstarter's adventure game honeymoon period is seemingly over, the big gaming and news sites are not interested in the project, community sites are not interested in front paging articles about the project, and famous twitterers with sci-fi leanings have all but ignored our request for twitter help. Due to the reluctance of the big gaming sites in talking about Kickstarter projects, it is up to the fans to try and get this across the line in the next 8 days — what other avenues or sites can we use to get word about our project to a wider audience, without coming across as spammers?

Comment Two Guys got me hooked. (Score 1) 3

Space Quest was the game that really got me hooked into adventure gaming. I'd played King's Quest prior of course, but there was just something about SQ1 that spoke to me. Maybe the it was the Sci-Fi setting, the comedic elements, the rather bumbling nature of the hero and his tale of, more or less, accidentally saving the day, but it was simply the perfect blend to make me a fan for life of the genre. Seeing this resurgence of adventure games has been great, seeing the Two Guys back together and ready to come out with a new Venture is Space is simply awesomely epic.

Submission + - After 20 years, Space Quest creators reunite for new game (kickstarter.com) 3

auhsor writes: It's only taken 20 years for Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ('The Two Guys from Andromeda'), creators of Space Quest, to settle their differences and reunite for a new game. They have set up their own indie studio to create a new game respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered.

They've lined up a stellar voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (Animaniac Yakko, Pinky, TMNT's Raphael), Ellen McLain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (TF2 Sniper) and radio legend Gary Owens. It's being promoted with regular live chats, videos, podcasts and fan efforts including SQ marathons, comics, and fan videos. The Kickstarter project targets PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android for release and includes awesome rewards such as a real life buckazoid or a mention in the game.

With new adventure games from Double Fine, Ron Gilbert, Jane Jensen, a Leisure Suit Larry remake, a new Tex Murphy, a new Kings Quest and of course SpaceVenture from The Two Guys from Andromeda, 2013 is going to be a great year for adventure gamers.

Submission + - '90s Gaming Icon Tex Murphy Stages Comeback, Celebrates with Sale (texmurphy.com)

Frogacuda writes: It’s been 14 years since we last saw Tex Murphy. The hardboiled private dick’s last case ended on one of gaming’s most infamous cliffhangers, only to have his story cut short when Microsoft purchased Access Software and turned them into their sports game studio, Indie Built, where they were responsible for the Amped and Top Spin series. Now, with the rights to the series reacquired, Chris Jones and Aaron Conners are angling to pick up where they left off, with an all-new adventure game codenamed Project Fedora. They have about $300,000 saved up for the effort, but they’re turning to Kickstarter to raise the rest.

The Tex games are primarily remembered for their final three installments, two of which were recently named by Adventure Gamers as among the Top 25 adventures of all time. Under a Killing Moon was notable for its cutting-edge use of technology. Shipped in four CDs, it was the largest game ever produced at the time of its release in 1994. It featured hi-res, full-screen, texture-mapped 3D graphics at a time when raycasters and flat polygons were still the standard, and made liberal use of live-action cut scenes to illustrate every plot-point. Players could freely explore, look under objects and inside boxes in a way that was very rare for the genre before and since.

Its sequel, The Pandora Directive, shipped in 1996, and featured a branching narrative with seven different endings, placing importance on the player’s actions for the entire game, rather than just the final scenes. Along with its innovative dialog system, it is considered by some to be an influence on many of Bioware’s games. The final adventure, Overseer was the first game ever designed for DVD-ROM, once again using new technology to advance the genre forward.

Although its creators are keeping story details quiet, they have revealed that the new title will continue the tradition of the previous three games, making liberal use of live-action FMV cut scenes, fully 3D environments, and will feature a refined interface for the modern age. This game will also mark the first return of the familiar Chandler Avenue setting and cast of characters since The Pandora Directive, and will feature narrative pathing similar to that game as well.

As of this writing, the campaign has raised nearly two-thirds of its $450,000 goal, with 19 days left. To promote the Kickstarter, Good Old Games (www.gog.com) is offering Tex’s old titles at 50% off.


Submission + - Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture (kickstarter.com) 62

Mr. Jaggers writes: "Remember the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Quest series? With the original IP tied up in a giant Activision-Gordian-Knot, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ("The Two Guys from Andromeda"), the creators of SQ, have set up their own indie studio to invent a whole new hilarious universe, new characters, and puzzles; all the while respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered. SpaceVenture is set to lambaste sci-fi franchises (as was done in SQ), and the team claims that none are safe, including Doctor Who, Stargate, Avatar, and others. They've lined up an all-star voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (Animaniac Yakko, Pinky, TMNT's Raphael), Ellen McLain (GLaDOS), and radio legend Gary Owens. It's being promoted with a blog, podcasts, videos, live chats, and fan efforts including SQ marathons, comics, and fan videos. Best of all, as funding milestones are reached the team builds and releases prototypes; living, playable concept art demonstrating the character of the final game! The Kickstarter project targets PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android for release and includes awesome rewards that can land you in the game itself. It's definitely worth a look for fans of adventure games and sci-fi parody!"

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