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Comment Re:Wood burning is not clean (Score 2) 111

I'm rather skeptical as well (I'd hate to see wood burning become a long term "solution" to coal), but this should answer some of the questions in your post:

The source is likely to be biased as it's the uk pellet council, who have a vested interest in the fuel, but it does provide *some* useful information.

It looks like trees *are* replanted in the UK. It also seems that wood pellets are a tad different from tree wood, so you can't really compare your wood burner to an industrial burning plant. You may well still be correct about the fuel, but some of your post looks mislead.

Comment Re: Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 2) 786

But this should really be the last straw. If you've been polite and respectful in your previous rejections, and ultimately asked the person to stop contributing in a firm but kind way, then it's on their head if they refuse to accept the rejection and get a much tougher response.

Yes, I agree it's not a personal attack, but being too aggressive too soon will make it look like it is.

Comment Re: Git manual (Score 1) 325

Merge conflict resolution can be taught in a very small amount of time. It's not very complicated at all. If you're training a team who are new to version control, this will not take long and will avoid the additional training needed should the team crossover to git later. I'd stay a million miles away from training a team on SVN instead of git if I had an opportunity like this.

Also, please note, I'm not simply pro-git. If you really don't want to use git, use mercurial. I've used a fair few different version control tools in my professional career, and I'm a little tired of developers having to re-train and move away from svn when they could have started with the tool they have migrated to in the first place.

Submission + - European Commision Will Increase Use of Open Source Software (

jrepin writes: The European Commission has updated its strategy for internal use of Open Source Software. The Commission, which is already using open source for many of its key ICT services and software solutions, will further increase the role of this type of software internally. The renewed strategy puts a special emphasis on procurement, contribution to open source software projects and providing more of the software developed within the Commission as open source.

Submission + - Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins (

vivaoporto writes: As reported by the New York Times, USA Today and other publications, a jury of six men and six women rejected current Reddit Inc CEO Ellen Pao’s claims against her former employer, the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Ms. Pao’s suit, that allegged employment discrimination based on gender, workplace retaliation and failure to take reasonable steps to prevent gender discrimination, asked $16 million in compensatory damages plus punitive damages.

The jury decided, after more than two days of deliberation and more than four weeks of testimony, that her formed employer neither discriminated against the former junior partner for her gender, nor fired the complainant because of a high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit against the firm in 2012.

She alleged that Kleiner Perkins had promoted male partners over equally qualified women at the firm, including herself, and then retaliated against her for raising concerns about the firm’s gender dynamics by failing to promote her and finally firing her after seven years at the firm after she filed her 2012 lawsuit.

Submission + - Notel media player helps North Koreans skirt censorship (

An anonymous reader writes: A small portable media device, costing roughly $50, is allowing North Koreans to access and view foreign media despite tight government censorship, according to a Reuters report []. The ‘Notel’, a mashup of notebook and television, is being described as a symbol of change in the repressed society. Used to watch DVDs and shared content from USB sticks and SD cards, the media player can be easily concealed and transported among families and friends. According to correspondents in the region, as many as half of all urban North Korean households have a notel and are swapping a broad range of banned media such as soaps and TV dramas from South Korea and China, Hollywood blockbusters, and news clips — all of which is strictly forbidden by Pyongyang law.

Comment Re:Suck it and see, it's not for everyone (Score 4, Interesting) 318

Yes, I've worked with people who are great at pair programming and those who are not so good. I find that when working with someone who really gets PP you end up with two programmers (or more!) working together, both of them on the same page, catching mistakes and improving how the code is written.
When working with someone who just starts coding and expects their partner to magically understand what they've decided to do then it can be impossible to keep up or figure out what on earth they're doing. At that point you have a programmer programming and another programmer wasting their time scratching their head.

PP works wonderfully when you pair people up correctly and train everyone involved how to effectively work like that, but if you don't then you waste resources and frustrate your coders.

Comment Re:If you have to ask... (Score 1) 615

I'm another who would keep on working if I won the lottery. It not that I have no imagination, I just honestly like what I do. I like the people I work with (they also happen to be friends), I like the work (most of the time) and I would be doing something similar at home as a hobby if I wasn't doing it professionally. Though doing stuff at home by yourself when you could be working with other like-minded people is not nearly as fun.

That said, I'd definitely have more exciting weekends and holidays :)

If you ever find work that you love doing then I would think you'd change your mind about the whole having no imagination thing.

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