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Comment Re:What's wrong with X... (Score 1) 487

Talk about completely missing the point. You were off to such a good start when you said, "Presently, this feature of X is being under-utilized." But from there, you should make the jump that nobody gives a damn about a network-transparent graphics protocol and that every minute spent thinking about how to make it better is a wasted minute. The solution is not for application writers to better support X's model, but to realize that X's model is without value and scrap it. Why are you so interested in improving a feature that nobody uses or wants?


Google Wins Nude Thumbnail Legal Battle 204

eldavojohn writes "Google is currently fighting many fronts in its ability to show small images returned in a search from websites. Most recently, Google won the case against them in which they were displaying nude thumbnails of a photographer's work from his site. Prior to this, Google was barred from displaying copyrighted content, even when linking it to the site (owner) from its search results. The verdict: "Saying the District Court erred, the San Francisco-based appeals court ruled that Google could legally display those images under the fair use doctrine of copyright law." This sets a rather hefty precedence in a search engine's ability to blindly serve content safely under fair use."

Submission + - SCO to be delisted from Nasdaq

Frosty Piss writes: "SCO has six months to get its share price trading above $1 for a sustained period or it will be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange. SCO has been trading below $1 since March 13. It now has until October 22 to get above $1 for 10 consecutive days, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. SCO's share price plunged below $1 in December 2006 after US District Judge Dale Kimball affirmed an earlier ruling limiting the SCO's claims against IBM to just 106 items of evidence. Just days later Novell filed a request for a partial summary judgment that could cripple SCO's already diminished breach of contract and copyright case against IBM. The company has avoided delisting once before, but perhaps SCO's days are numbered."

Submission + - Google to Hold Worldwide Developer Day

Incon writes: Google is holding a day for developers to meet and learn from Google staff at its various worldwide offices. Places at the event are sure to go quicker than hotcakes, so get in quickly. Locations that Developer Day will be held at are: Beijing, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo and of course at Google HQ in Mountain View.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Xbox 360 HD DVD Hacked even for Revoked licences

Umuri writes: As mentioned in an article at engadget, the XBox 360 player has been compromised and now can play HD DVDs without authenticating with AACS, allowing even revoked licenses to be played. Backup your movies, format shift them, whatever. Defective by design doesn't even quite cover the failure of the model, or the success of the groups who made this possible.

Submission + - Crowd-motion software may prevent Mecca stampede

wattsup writes: "You may recall the stampede that killed hundreds during a mass pilgrimage to Mecca in 2006. Catastrophic stampedes have periodically afflicted the event. The most recent one killed 345 people and injured 289.

Physicists at Dresden University of Technology in Germany studied video recordings of the 2006 stampede, and wrote visual-recognition software to track and measure the motion of individuals in the crowd. Borrowing from the physics of fluids, the scientists have now analyzed the stampede and have recommendations that could make this year's pilgrimage go smoothly."

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