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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Machine forms crockery as you need it

Matthew Sparkes writes: "The Dishmaker is a table top machine that makes dishes, plates and cups to order before every meal. Each piece of crockery takes about 1 minute to make from a flat disc of plastic — the machine heats it and then squashes it into shape. A similar process can return the objects back into discs for easy storage. The maker claims it will save on storage space — since you don't need to have all the cups needed for a drinks party and the plates and dishes needed for a dinner party."

Submission + - Prototype telescope completes key test

Matthew Sparkes writes: "Two prototype antennas for the world's largest array of millimetre-wave telescopes have passed a key test, working to track and image Saturn for more than an hour. Ultimately, ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) is expected to resolve details 10 times finer than the Hubble Space Telescope when it is completed in 2012."

Submission + - Robot operates without computing control

Matthew Sparkes writes: "A robotic salamander with an electric "spinal cord" that controls both its walking and swimming has been developed by US researchers. It could be a forerunner of robots with movements coordinated by an artificial nervous systems, they claim. The movement is controlled by a series of simple coordinated motions, and not by a central processor, and mimics the way in which animals run without thinking about the placement of each step. It's the reason that a chicken can run after it's head is chopped off."

A Glimpse Into The Long Development of Final Fantasy XII 65

In a talk Thursday at the Game Developer's Conference, attendees were exposed to a rare treat: technical information behind development at Square/Enix. Programming supervisor Taku Murata, co-director Hiroshi Minagawa, and lead realtime rendering programmer Yoshinori Tsuchida were onhand to shed some light on a game many years in the making. Though the session didn't provide any dirt on those interested in the departure of game designer Yasumi Matsuno, there was plenty to take away from the highly focused discussion. "Final Fantasy games require a lengthy development process, and this presents the very real threat of being obsolete by the time it ships. To combat this the team allocated its resources with a heavy emphasis on art."

Feed SXSW: Get Ready to Rock (

The 10-day music, film and interactive geekfest starts on Friday. Wired News highlights the must-see performances and events to catch -- even if you're not there. Todd Jatras and Scott Gilbertson report from Austin, TX. Stay tuned for daily news from the festival, in Listening|Post.

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