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Comment WTF? (Score 1, Informative) 241

If you've filed a patent, and you're about to sue someone I'm guessing generally actually you wouldn't seek employment at a company that is part of it. You know, what with it firstly being a completely transparent move, and secondly because you wouldn't be able to defend your patent when you're in jail for corporate espionage. Who the hell really thinks they could outsmart the Microsoft legal team when it comes to fact checking?

Comment Interactive whiteboards (Score 1) 411

For the average student a PC is generally a distraction. English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French are all subjects where 99% of the time a student should not be using a PC. However, the teacher will very often make great use of it. Plus for the price of one computer lab you can fit out 10 classrooms with an interactive white board. At my school currently I'd say it's the only piece of hardware that really makes a diffference day to day.
Do not make teachers log in, a teacher logging in is a teacher and their class full of bored teenagers waiting five minutes for your non-existant personal settings to load. Give the teachers a memory stick that gets backed up every night. Ban students from using these computers.

Comment Re:It's not just about "cool" (Score 5, Informative) 361

Really? Because the only phrase in that drivel you just wrote about the zune was wrong "They shipped a Zune that was less feature-filled than the then current iteration iPod." BS! Bigger screen, FM radio, and Wifi. The thing the ipod actually did have that the zune didn't was a shiny surface on the back. That's literallly it. The zune even had better quality audio. Buy music from FM radio? Geat idea.

Comment American protectionism? (Score 1) 574

How come when everything is going alright the free market reigns supreme, but the second peopel are getting laid off the American workers get priority. It seems no one actually considers the workers that aren't from America have had to move from their home to come and take this job- yet they, the ones who actually did make sacrifises should be the first to be thrown over board. If it's really a free market then the fact one worker is foreign and one isn't should have no effect on which one gets fired. In fact all other things being equal the foreign worker is prefered because they've demonstrated how much the job means.

Comment I completely disagree (Score 1) 228

We've got all this dual core, quad core technology and at the moment almost no software companies are actually coding their programs to use it! It's rediculous and windows is absolutely right to push ahead and optomize for multiple cores- because as the base of most machine's it is the most important part of the system that needs upgrading. We can only hope this actually pushes some other software companies to start taking advantage of all this untapped power. If windows weren't optomizing for quad core and up they would be making tehmselves seriously vulnerable and would be actively slowing the adoption of multi core software systems.

Comment Transparent (Score 1) 399

This really does seem a little transparent- it's just a move by jobs to extricate himself from Apple without single handedly destroying the share price. He leaves for a couple months and at best he comes back for a while then leaves again safe in the knowledge that he's done it before and the company is just fine. Worst case he never comes back at all after the 6 months goes swimmingly and he decides that he isnt recovering as well as he thought.

Comment Re:Errmmm... (Score 3, Informative) 229

From the summary: "The US will have to wait until 2024, 95 years after Segar's death."

So the summary actually has it's maths wrong- it literally says that it's 70 years from Segar's death to now, and ALSO 95 years from Segar's death to 2024. 2024 is indeed when the copyright expires- but it ISN'T 95 years after Segar's death.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 640

Okay let's start with the obvious
1> IE being popular means it makes sense to run a windows server to maximize compatibility for businesses.
2> Search traffic gets sent to MSN by IE.
3> Microsoft can dictate coding standards forcing other browsers and coders to have trouble competing.

Then of course the fact some websites won't work with anything but IE (because they can't be bothered to tweak for other browsers too) and of course the homepage of IE will be msn. Add on top of that Microsoft will make other coding software- which of course will easily be the best in line with its browser.
Of course you can just take the line that Microsoft, Apple and Google are all putting serious money into this market- so it HAS to be hugely valuable for some reason.

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