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Submission + - Shell Allowed to Start Drilling at the Arctic ( 1

mvar writes: In a move that has drawn the opposition of quite a few environmental groups, the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Enforcement and Regulation, or BOEMRE, gave its conditional approval on Thursday to a plan that could see Shell drilling in the Beaufort Sea as early as next year. The decision is contingent upon Shell securing drilling, air quality and other necessary permits and authorizations. Shell plans to drill up to four wells over two years in the Beaufort. Michael Bromwich, BOEMRE's director, said the agency bases it decisions surrounding energy exploration and development in the Arctic on the best scientific information available.

Submission + - GNU/Linux and Enlightenment running on a Fridge (

k-s writes: Linux, the GNU userland and Enlightenment and its foundation libraries (EFL) are known due their resource efficiency and flexibility, key components for embedded products. Today it was announced that such features led them to be used in a Fridge that runs Linux and X11 with EFL.

The Freescale i.MX25 based fridge by Electrolux (Frigidaire) provides the expected bits such as temperature controls and pre-set modes (vacation, party) as well as a special purpose drawer that cools your drinks and food with a beautiful UI. It also ships with handful applications for contacts, calendar, reminder, digital picture frame and even illustrated recipe book with a famous Brazilian magazine.

Open Source

Submission + - SPAM: The NoSQL movement is growing, but what is it?

ChiefMonkeyGrinder writes: The NoSQL movement is a combination of an architectural approach for storing data andsoftware products (such asTokyo Cabinet, CouchDb, Redis)that can store data without using SQL. Thusthe termNoSQL. The idea is pretty simple: Not all applications need a traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) that uses SQL to perform operations on data. Rather, data can be stored and retrieved using a single key. The NoSQL products that store data using keys are called Key-Value stores (aka KV stores).
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Data Storage

100x Denser Chips Possible With Plasmonic Nanolithography 117

Roland Piquepaille writes "According to the semiconductor industry, maskless nanolithography is a flexible nanofabrication technique which suffers from low throughput. But now, engineers at the University of California at Berkeley have developed a new approach that involves 'flying' an array of plasmonic lenses just 20 nanometers above a rotating surface, it is possible to increase throughput by several orders of magnitude. The 'flying head' they've created looks like the stylus on the arm of an old-fashioned LP turntable. With this technique, the researchers were able to create line patterns only 80 nanometers wide at speeds up to 12 meters per second. The lead researcher said that by using 'this plasmonic nanolithography, we will be able to make current microprocessors more than 10 times smaller, but far more powerful' and that 'it could lead to ultra-high density disks that can hold 10 to 100 times more data than today's disks.'"

Good Books On Programming With Threads? 176

uneek writes "I have been programming for several years now in a variety of languages, most recently C#, Java, and Python. I have never had to use threads for a solution in the past. Recently I have been incorporating them more in my solutions for clients. I understand the theory behind them. However I am looking for a good book on programming threads from an applied point of view. I am looking for one or more texts that provide thorough coverage and provide meaningful exercises. Anyone have any ideas?"

Submission + - Killer Electrons From Outer Space

JrOldPhart writes: The IEEE Spectrum is reporting That: Electrons in the Van Allen belts are normally not dangerous to spacecraft, but every month or so radiation levels spike to as much as a thousand times their usual intensity — surges called geomagnetic storms. Now, scientists believe they understand how some particles get accelerated to become "killer electrons." readmore
United States

Submission + - FAA revamps air traffic rules (

coondoggie writes: "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today set up wide-ranging, ambitious and controversial new rules and regulations to help reduce delays, fuel consumption, aircraft emissions and noise around some of the east coast's busiest airports.The FAA studied four alternatives over the course of nine years before settling on a plan known as the Integrated Airspace Alternative. The FAA said that the Integrated Airspace plan will alter the structure that now exists over the New York — LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International — as well as Newark Liberty International and Philadelphia International airports. These airports were targeted because by 2011, they are expected to handle 15-20% of the nation's air traffic and have to date ranked as the most delayed in the nation."

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