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Comment Re:Too much ado about nothing (Score 1) 375

"Less efficiency and more corrosion"

It's not less efficient. It has less energy per volume BUT THIS IS A NON ISSUE if the price matches. (except for autonomy of course, but unless there are no gas stations where you're going, non issue)
Ethanol running engines also produce more power which seem to be conveniently ignored (granted, your engine may not take advantage of this)

More corrosion? Not if you engine is built to support it. Then guess what, no corrosion.

And of course don't use E85 on a E10 engine, but E15? Your fuel system either supports ethanol or it doesn't. It's not really concentration dependent (and you don't use E85 then because of engine calibration and cold starts)

Comment Re:Pro death == pro stupid (Score 2) 761

So what it should be done (for a start) is simple. Never allow the death penalty for a first conviction.

Chance of a wrong conviction: p (suppose it's 5%, so 0.05)
Chance of 2 wrong convictions: p^2 -> 0.0025 or 0.25%

(It's more complicated than that really, because of Bayes and other - real world - factors)

Comment Re:The logical argument to shoot it down. (Score 1) 267


Most of the modern "skeptics" are as bad as theological dogmatists.

"If yours was the way science operates we'd still operate out of caves."

Yes, there is no evidence for this "germs" thing so Pasteur is a crook.
Mr Einstein has never seen an instance of light bending under a gravitational field so he's delusional

Comment Re:Of course (Score 3, Insightful) 581

Oh please, it's firmware whining again

Dear open source zealots, no one is obliged to add more circuits to a computer just because you can't be bothered to give the embedded card some data.

ALL computers depends on some amount of closed source data, deal with it.

There are exceptional cases, where the firmware is OSS, or where the vendor is a real asshole and forbids the blob to be distributed

Absolutely. Dear manufacturers, if you complain about distribution of fw at the same time anyone can download your "windows driver" off your website, You Are An Asshole

Comment Re:Greed (Score 1) 626

No, they're not. Inside the European union (which I'm sure is what you meant), while you have the right to move around and work as you wish, most people don't do it and don't want to. In practice there's language barries and cultural barries all over the place.

True for most, but it's not the demographics of Rovio employees (or at least the main employees). Would be good to have a more exact statistic.

Absolutely not. You can start by looking at one article in wikipedia where it is immediately apparent that countries are running their own systems, with substantial differences in rules and rates. The Nordic countries (such as Finland) are generally in the lead.

Sure, unemployment benefits are different in their structure, but the end result is similar. Finland may be better but the systems in other countries are not really behind.

Rovio is in this case a prime example of a company which has benefited substantially from Finland's school system for skilled employees (they're one of the absolutely best in the world), Finland's stable democracy and their stable economy.

I'd say citation needed. Do you think education in Finland is so much ahead of that in France? England? Sure, for basic school Finland is one of the first ranked usually, but this does not correlate with market success!

Also, Google, Nokia, Intel, etc take a lot of talent from less 'educated' countries like India, Brazil, or slightly less than Finland like USA, Ireland, where nonetheless you can find very talented people.

When they're asked to pay back, they flee -- an extremely immoral act which I sincerely hope will bite them in the ass.

Well I wouldn't blame them, since being successful results in huge taxes.
The reasoning of making bigger companies pay more taxes is not something I disagree with, until one realizes companies are mobile nowadays.

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