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Comment Re:Why do airlines overbook? (Score 1) 575

I feel no sympathy or mercy for them. It's under five hours to Louisville from Chicago DRIVING, and they sold those seats to paying customers. Then United violated their contract for a *very* minor purported savings, which is going to cost them untold millions now. You may say that under a capitalist system, they can do what they did and it's expected. Perhaps it *is* expected at this point, but it certainly wasn't *rational* of them to do if they were acting in their own best interests. After all, failing to live up to your agreements given that you have the ability to do so is normally pretty damning, whether you're an individual or business - just look at Sears, where upon merely the FEAR that they won't be able to pay their suppliers we find that their suppliers are reducing shipments.

If it was SO important to have those employees in Louisville, BUS them, or rent a car, or ANYTHING but what they did. It's fine to *offer* to have people give up their seats - see Delta instead when they had storms and issues - but United showed horrible judgement and exemplified just how atrocious they can be (link).


I continue to hope that United becomes embroiled in a messy, public lawsuit where the public sees how they behave and they suffer dearly for it. We'll see how negative the amount "saved" by flying those employees can go.

Comment Re:Might want to move providers... (Score 1) 63

I think that any court or arbitrator would read that and see "For the sole purpose of enabling us to make your Content available through the Service," then slap Wix if they attempt to commercially use things people have posted - nevermind that there's no claimed license to sublicense said right to other parties.

That said, yes. Time to go. At this point someone can build it better.

Submission + - Comapny disables software of buyer who posted "bad" review

Brymouse writes: Ham Radio Deluxe, a $99 radio control and logging program popular in the amateur radio community, disabled the software of a user after he posted a potentially bad review (was 3/5 stars, now 1/5). Further this user was directed to install the update which disabled the application by HRD's own support.

The original thread was then deleted from "news" site QRZ.com as HRD is a major advertiser and complained about copyright violations from the user posting a PDF of his support ticket. Reddit picked it up here and more research was done showing a pattern of blacklisting bad reviews.

This was picked up by Jason Scott, of the internet archive, on twitter and Ham Radio Deluxe threatened him with libel for posting it.

As of yesterday HRD says an offical statement will be "coming soon". The Strieisand Effect continues with QRZ.com undeleting the threads and HRD still trying to claim copyright on their customers support ticket.

Comment Maybe if all of them would stop lying... (Score 1) 436

> "we just start accepting crazy stuff as normal"

Maybe if all of them would stop lying and quit acting like the country is their personal playground/piggybank/etc, we wouldn't be "accepting crazy stuff as normal," and *some* sense of sanity could start coming back.


Comment But it's what people are asking for! (Score 1) 152

It's real simple: this is apparently what "people" want, based on their behavior.

Alternatives (paid, and cheap) have attempted to make your "social media" something where you're the customer, not the product (see http://app.net/ - "people" have mostly rejected it, whether on philosophical grounds (I'm not paying for this!), or for critical mass problems (But everyone I want to talk to used Facebook!). Primarily, it just seems that they want it free and don't value being a customer - they're fine being the product.

THAT, in turn, leads to this: Facebook will keep testing where the black, thick boundary line is that causes too much pain until it they overstep and do too much damage, then they'll back up just a little. And wait. And then test it again, maybe in a slightly different way. They're only slightly less insidious than the government here-the government just keeps attempting to ram the same thing through/down your throat until total rage fatigue sets in, and not enough people still want to fight it.

Comment Re:Thinking politically, not logically (Score 1) 216

Funny, insurance companies seem to feel differently about whether "testing" human driving behavior *while driving* is interesting or useful. Once built, the car engine/computer should be much more deterministic over the range of driving behaviors/variables that you want to map exhaust to, versus those silly, unpredictable humans.

Is simple: test while driving, and just sample enough cars in enough areas. Testing thingy clamps onto exhaust, stores data, and measures whatever you want to measure, along with other interesting things like, gear, RPM, temperature, location (for congestion mapping or whatever), etc. Maybe you can get some of that info directly off CAN, maybe you have to plug into a diagnostic port and sync time. Whatever.

> Testing emissions outside of laboratory settings is like testing the levelness of a table on a boat at sea. It's much less precise and reproducible.

Which is, well, kinda useless. The levelness of the table is something that's determined by how it's built - an innate property it has. Whether or not it slides around and, say, damages the floor on a boat at sea under different speeds of that boat, wave conditions, and the like is really more like what we're trying to consider with a car on the road.

Comment Re:Is it on the main download page? (Score 3, Interesting) 216

I know that there are checksums on the download page. We know how to use them. Other people don't.

I don't understand WHY, after all this time, the author(s) continue to refuse to get a code-signing certificate and sign the executable files and the installer. I'm almost assuming that it's on principle somehow, because it's not that expensive and if a request was made I'd bet donations would take care of the cost in under a day.

Comment Re:When everyone is guilty... (Score 2) 431

...it almost seems like everyone is presumed to be guilty of something.

Must we quote Rand again? Regardless of whether you like her or dislike her personally, or agree with her philosophy or not:

We're after power and we mean it... There's no way to rule innocent men. ...when there aren't enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that's the system, ...that's the game, and once you understand it, you'll be much easier to deal with.

I mean, seriously... I wonder who hasn't committed a felony this year, whether it's paperwork or some esoteric piece of law that no one knows about - never mind the myriad of things that are now "felonies," a term which used to be reserved for serious crimes whereby one could/would lose all property (with/without possible death penalty); once such loss of property was abolished, the distinction between what was and was not a felony became more... flexible.

Comment GPL release that Sun did might seem to apply... (Score 1) 303


I really wish someone would bring this up with more serious force behind it. Sun released Java SE under GPLv2.

Also, going out on a limb, I'd guess that the "37 APIs" aren't part of something outside the core stuff - I'm guessing Sun left out J2EE when open sourcing since I see no note about it.

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