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Submission + - Kinect Brings Gaming to Kids with Disabilities (

BogenDorpher writes: "The Kinect, as we all know, was introduced by Microsoft as a "controller-free gaming and entertainment experience" for its Xbox video game platform back in 2010. It allows players to interact with games through physical gestures rather than using a controller. Microsoft today revealed that the platform is helping children with disabilities play video games for the very first time."

Submission + - AMD Details 32nm Fusion Processor, Codenamed Llano (

MojoKid writes: AMD revealed more information on its first Fusion-class product at ISSCC this week. The new chip will combine both a CPU and GPU on a single package, but it doesn't use either branding. AMD is calling the new chip an "APU" or Application Processor Unit, as part of its bid to shift product focus from the core components in a system to the tasks and workloads a system is capable of handling. Llano is a 32nm derivative of the company's current architecture. Given the new details AMD has released, Llano will target a wide range of operating environments. Its 2.5-25W operating envelope still represents a substantial step forward for AMD; the company's lowest-power 45nm mobile processors have a TDP of 25W (dual-core) or 15W (single-core). According to Senior AMD Fellow Samuel Naffziger, Llano will be a quad-core processor with 1MB of L2 cache per core, a 3GHz-or-higher operating speed, support for DDR3 memory, and an on-die DX11-class graphics processor.

Submission + - AMD great comeback in CPU market with Llano APU (

shreshtha writes: It was real pleasing to see AMD comeback in CPU market with new innovation in CPU power management and incorporating it in Llano CPU/GPU fusion chip. Last time AMD hit back was with "AMD direct connect architecture".
This new chip is meant for capturing mobile computing market. With 2.5 to 25Watt power consumption for CPU + GPU seems a breakthrough for AMD. With muscular ATI incorporated, a great gaming on the go chip can be expected. All in all good to see a healthy competition in market and more innovation without monopoly is on the way.

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