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Comment Many... (Score 1) 331

2016 - MS .Net 4.0
2015 - jsRender, jsViews
2014 - Raspbery Pi, jQuery UI
2013 - SVG, d3, RSS
2012 - jQuery, Ruby, nodeJS/node-webkit
2011 - Android
2010 - Arduino
2009 - Linux (Ubuntu), GTK+, SSH
2008 - Mono Framework 2.6 (C#)
2007 - MS T-SQL & Microsoft SQL Managment Studio
2006 - PHP, MySQL, AJAX
2005 - MS .net Framework 2.0 (C#)
2004 - Python, PBasic (microcontroller code)
2003 - RealBasic (Mac)
2002 - JavaScript, DHTML
2001 - MS .net Framework 1.1 (VB)
2000 - C++, Java, VBA
1999 - Linux (RedHat), bash
1998 - Visual Basic, HTML
1997 - PowerBasic
1996 - QBasic
1994 - GWBasic

...and I can still fondly remember:
10 color (int(rnd * 16)): print chr$(int(rnd*127)+127): $k = inkey$; if len($k)=0 goto 10

Comment Stop fighting. Hug your shmoo. (Score 1) 1718

There's a lot of anger being posted, and lots of opinions about things.. but I'm just busy feeling sad for the 100+ people who have had their lives destroyed or ended. This was a weekend to celebrate with loved ones, and it was turned into a tragedy. Everybody needs to stop yelling at each other, put down the arguments, find your shmooey shmoo, and give them a big hug. You don't know when they will be taken from you. Every day matters. Hug them every day.

Comment So, avoid responsibility and push legal limits? (Score 1) 148

Why bother securing your Apache/Nginx installation when it gives you a chance to be a loud drama queen complaining "some bad guy" hacked you?

Why bother migrating your outdated Windows XP machines to Linux, when you could instead have all the job security in the world - repairing virus-infected systems?

Why not open a .exe attachment? Its just Soooo fun to play "Kim Kardashian Solitaire"!!

If your office is lazy, uses minimal passwords, doesn't update Windows or have antivirus, open ports everywhere, open wifi, uninformed employees - you will be hacked. This is how MOST of the hacking cases happen, and it doesn't require "climbing up the escalatory ladder" to fix - it requires that managers, bosses, and all employees stop resisting changes, stop using cloudy services for critical data, stop facebooking at work, migrate to Linux if possible, stop using naked ftp, etc. etc.. all been said before.

Stop hiring MBA's who focus on "synergy" and get some real programmers/engineers who have 20+ years of computer experience. Degrees are meaningless. "Instead of the traditional 'hacker with a hoodie,' companies must actively support diversity." - what the hell does that mean? "hacker with a hoodie".. you mean the person who probably knows the subject at hand best and doesn't happen to be a vapid fashionista airhead?

I don't like the noise of this "hunting" stuff. So much mention of "offensive hacking" and little mention of addressing COMPETENCE. Sounds like somebody that wants to go around picking fights - not protecting themselves. This "hunting" stuff only seems appealing to aggressively-minded individuals willing to get themselves into legal trouble and waste company time on speculative goose-chases they can do little-to-nothing about. I can picture it now.. some corporate "situation room" with everyone watching a hacker find the "adversary's" server, and promptly switching off his laptop saying "we found it, that's all we can do!" Good work team! Now That's Synergy!!!

Go apply some updates and stay out of other people's computers!

Comment Re:The usual way (Score 1) 515

+1 for GW Basic.. My 286 came with a huge manual of every basic command with example code. Same with Dos Batch files. MSDOS 4.x originally. The machine was from Northgate Computer Systems. 40MB hd, 1MB ram, 25MHz AMD cpu ... I recently found a floppy that might still have some of my old .bas files, but I'm doubting if the disc can be read. I also have a stack of floppies with some ancient MSDOS backup files I don't think I can recover (backup.001, control.001 etc..) I might just try to rewrite the ones I can remember. Had a virus problem in 1998 that wiped out a lot of stuff. ah, memories.. Then it was Qbasic, Visual Basic for DOS, VB for Windows, PowerBasic, HTML, VB.Net, C#, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Java, .Net ASPX, PHP, bash, Python, c/c++, google go

Comment I use a Tiddlywiki over sshfs-mounted directory.. (Score 1) 227

Tiddlywiki is a stand-alone HTML5 app that stores all the 'pages' (or 'tiddlers' as they are called) in one file. It's clean, super easy to use, simple to backup (just copy one file), has simple search capability, custom 'tiddler' metadata fields, transclusion of pages within pages, and can be customized with just HTML and JavaScript, There's a Firefox extension called "TiddlyFox" that automatically saves the changes back to the file when you make edits. I use an SSH (RSA key, not password) protected server and mount the remote folder with sshfs using a custom shell script to check if I'm connected to the server (if not, it establishes a connection) then it opens the tiddlywiki .html file from the remote mounted filesystem in Firefox. You can also export/import JSON, HTML, and a few other 'wiki' data formats. You can also carry it around on any device (phone, tablet, etc) if you need a portable off-line copy. It works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) because it's just a plain old web page - no special software is needed.

Comment Doing something similar.. new programming language (Score 1) 90

Project: EAL (Evolutionary Assembly Language) - The language is still in development, so there is currently no software to download or run - earlier versions were written, but changed very drastically. EAL is not a language necessarily designed for humans - we have plenty of those. This is a language partly designed to be artificially generated by a processing environment, guided by a users' specifications.

Consider a scenario: you have lots of data to convert, but not good logical explanation of exactly "what" you are trying to do, algorithmically speaking. You manually complete 1, 2, 3+ samples of this "process" (perhaps renaming a file based on it's contents, some data conversion, sorting documents, etc) - after a few samples of this task, a pattern should be developing. Your task can now be considered a competition between you and the computer to see who finishes first. The computer can make suggestions to complete the rest of your task, while the user provides feedback to the system and guides the development of the computer's "recommendations" until an ideal solution is presented. This inductive programming scheme is just one of the unique features of this language..

Welcome to any and all feedback, specifications are at:

Comment Re: And I want a unicorn... (Score 1) 288

Sorry Anonymous Coward - but I did, and my 66 year old dad is perfectly happy and prefers it to Win 7. So, yes it is a realistic scenario, and I'm very sorry that you weren't able to understand how to use a standard desktop OS in 2015.. Maybe you should call my 92 year old grandma for tech help.. She's using Linux Mint "en Espanol!!" :)

Comment And I want a unicorn... (Score 1) 288

"They use Windows at work or school, and don't want to go through the process of learning another OS"..

So, in other words - they are lazy. Sorry, I have no sympathy for them - if they're not willing to learn, just take their computer away. They're asking you to do something you can't, and probably shouldn't waste your time bothering to. They can't be bothered to learn how to use a secure OS, so why are you trying to bend time and space around to make them happy? Show them how to use Linux Mint, it's NOT that hard - their heads won't explode. And if they continue to complain that they "don't get it, and want windows back", do yourself a favour and hand them the install CD and walk away... Sometimes you need to just let people deal with their own computer problems. We all know for a fact that Microsoft will not be going out of their way to make you and your family happy, so get a different product.

Comment What were they for anyways? (Score 1) 247

I had these stupid microbeads in my hand-soap, and I found them really irritating.. I didn't know they were in it, and don't understand what they're supposed to do - other than be some sales-gimmick to paranoid "Soccer Moms". The less plastic we pump down the drain and into the environment - the better. Plastic is poisonous to wildlife and it always needs to be recycled, there's no such thing as a "healthy" level of plastic in the environment - unless it's "none". I can't even imagine this crap in toothpaste... wtf? Save the plankton!!!

Comment HTML - this is sort of the point of HTML.. (Score 1) 200

I would think HTML is the obvious choice as it is the most widely implemented document format.. "Document Object Model" isn't just a name.
  • * open - just about as open as any format can be!
  • * searchable - yes, very. especially with Microdata or RDFa tags to describe data content
  • * portable - yes, very. virtually all modern operating systems support at least one decent web browser and there are countless other HTML/XML tools out there
  • * compressible - yes, depending. Depending on how much "compression" really means to you - assuming you're simply storing the actual text content and not images of text then HTML is obviously superior to all other formats. If you need graphics and diagrams (not photos), you can use embedded SVG to store near-perfect resolution images and shapes. and embedded uri's to hold the photos/images right there in the document with "data:image/png;base64,...".
  • * editable - yes, surprised? It may not always be pretty or easy, but you can use MS, Open, or Libre offices to load/edit/save HTML documents. Don't let your head explode... I know HTML documents generated by these editors are ugly as sin - but you can always edit the tags yourself (which I personally prefer) if you don't want to fight with a fickle GUI.. you can't really do anything like that in a .doc or .pdf. To me, nothing beats a good clean text editor.

I'm just not sure why it's a question.. it's the format . . for .. um.. documents.

Comment Money is the apex predator.. (Score 1) 227

People are afraid of technology because it's new and poorly understood, until it is understood. But we understand money, and we should understand that money is the greatest threat to humanity. Ask yourself if we value money over people, money over the environment, money over loyalty.. it wins more often than it deserves to. Elon Musk started this whole media bomb about "summoning the demons".. but I'm sorry, no. Just as the automobile, air travel, electricity, indoor plumbing, medicine, and all the rest have made life more comfortable - money has made us into slaves. Income disparity and centralization of wealth are going to be the biggest social problems in the future. AI could actually be one of the few things that helps counteract the effects of economics. All this media frenzy over AI is part of what I call "Skynet Disease" - it's a mental condition. People equate artificial intelligence with "artificial consciousness" all the time. They think their car "hates them".. no, the car is an object - they hate the car. Your phone is "acting stupid".. no, sorry it's just broken. Maybe we collectively feel so guilty about our treatment of each other and the planet - that we assume something smarter and better than us will hate us just as much as we hate ourselves. I believe an artificial intelligence that has some vague essence of "consciousness" (again, another anthropomorphism) would want us to help it and to help us in return. There's no reasonable plot to Terminator.. Skynet just "decides" to kill us. Again, that's stupid human logic writing the story. It sounds more like a religiously-founded armageddon scenario than future ai technology gone awry. We must have just been so bad, guilty, dirty, "original sinny", hmmm.. sorry, my last one: we would not be alive if we were just "so bad and sinful".. we deserve to live, happily. And any "artificial intelligence" worth developing would come to the same decision. It is money that has no soul.

Comment I was never curious about a test (Score 3, Interesting) 83

I just wanted to get the test over with and move on to something interesting and worth remembering. Now we have an official report to prove the self-evident. meanwhile - we cancel art, music, electronics, workshop, anything a student would really want to learn. How about combine music. electronics, and math into a short but immersive synthesizer course. They don't have to build anything huge - but they could physically see what all this algebra and electrical stuff means by hearing it, something worth remembering. A biology/art/science course growing plants? Workshop and physics combined into so many possible ways? - no, we just cancel these sorts of things and impose a standardized testing routine with no experimentation. Poor kids, I heard some elementary schools got rid of recess too. Tragic.

Comment They must Want to code.. not for "job security" (Score 1) 546

Classess or not, the issue is never going to be the "ability" to program, it's the desire to program that will be most important. Skills can be learned and updated, but the desire is the most important factor you cannot teach. Being a programmer involves lots of frustration sporadically broken by moments of accomplishment - Its really not for everyone. I have several friends who simply refuse to handle "coding" in any real sense for extended periods of time, they just burn out. I'm not comparing this work to manual labor where you reach a point of physical exhaustion, it's more of a kind of self-esteem exhaustion. When you reach a problem you simply cannot mentally abstract and solve, you can get very depressed. Most people hit this wall with no inner incentives to continue further, they assume "this is all I can understand" and decide they can find more satisfaction doing something else. Its not necessarily a bad thing, I do the same thing with advanced calculus - I simply do not understand much of it, so I go elsewhere and focus on functional logic instead (aka: programming). If we didn't do this, most people would be even more miserable for most of their lives because they're not doing what they really want. I don't diminish calculus, I just have no inner burning desire to comprehend higher calculus. Perhaps more exposure to programming and logic will give more students the chance to see what programming lets them do, but a badly-conceived course can ruin the experience and potentially drive away as much interest as it gains. And as a career, programming is not exactly stable or secure with long-term advancement - its more cutthroat than most markets, so telling students that programming is reliable work is misleading.

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