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Comment Re:goto fail (Score 1) 101

Using goto for error handling in C is a well-established idiom, and is often the best option available. The alternatives either involve deeply nested if statements, or duplicated cleanup code.

For example, this pattern is used quite heavily in the Linux kernel. Linus (and a few others) had had something to say on this matter.

Comment Re:Eve Online (Score 1) 227

then you want to play Frontier, which was the sequel to Elite. It has relativistic combat... and it was shite. You and the enemy ship hurtled towards each other, then past each other with a fraction of a second where they were close enough to hit each other, then turn around for the slow decel, and then repeat all over again. dull.

That only really happened if you left the flight control assistance on in combat.

If you turned this off (with the poorly labeled 'Engines Off' button), it wasn't too hard to keep your opponent at close range.

Comment Re:Works Well! (Score 1) 113

Try adding the directory that contains the IDLE executable to your path.

Editing your path is fairly convoluted. Run 'SystemPropertiesAdvanced', navigate to the 'advanced' tab, and click the 'environment variables' button. From there edit the PATH environment variable for your user profile.

Then you can quickly run IDLE by pressing [WinKey]+R, then typing the name of the executable.

There is a method to access system properties without running 'SystemPropertiesAdvanced' directly, but it's even more convoluted.

Comment Re:drinkypoo can't answer a question himself? LOL! (Score 1) 208

See subject - just because drinkypoo is a cowardly little troll doesn't mean he needs his troll pals helping him does it? Apparently it does - Hilarious. Do you wipe his ass for him on the toilet as well?

Schedule an appointment with a psychologist. I am not kidding - you are ill, and you need help.

Comment Re:drinkypoo Y R U running from a simple question? (Score 1) 208

Hmmm, troll? See here ? Perhaps because it shows you are nothing but a TROLL, & a "ne'er-do-well" that claims he has a "massive ego", but nothing to show for it (delusions of GRANDEUR there, boy?)?? You know, I tried to "extend the olive branch" to you here , but to no avail... now, you sow the wind? Here comes the whirlwind... from now on, & that's showing you are a troll by your own evasions of the 1st URL above & a simple question there...

You do realize that you are batshit insane, right?

Comment Re:Slashdot's double-standard on copyright law (Score 1) 152

If there were no copyright in the first place, there would be no need for copyleft, and all software would be free software.

The GPL requires copyright law to guarantee that people have access to the source code for all GPL licensed programs. Without copyright law, there would be no way to enforce this.

Comment Re:GPL protects your investment. (Score 1) 367

When GPL code is modified the modifications can not be closed. However BSD licenses allow programmers to close the modifications they make.

As the copyright holder for your code, you can choose to distribute your code under whatever license you please (unless you are distributing a derivative work of somebody else's GPLed code, in which case you are restricted to the GPL).

Neither the GPL nor the BSD licenses give you the ability to prevent people from distributing code you've already provided to them under those licenses. No matter what licenses you've previously provided code your own under, you're free to release that same code under whatever other licenses you please.

Comment Re:GPL protects your investment. (Score 1) 367

BSD protects my investment. If I invest tyme in programming and use a BSD license I can close my source code preventing others from taking it and giving it away. I can not prevent that with the GPL.

You hold the copyright for your code; you can license it however you please, irrespective of whether or not you have previously distributed it under the GPL.

You can't retroactively change the license of code you've already distributed to people, but you can't do that with the BSD license either.

Things are different if you accept external contributions without requiring copyright assignment, but you shouldn't be closing the source for a project in that case anyways.

Comment Re:Does this thing even work? (Score 1) 81

Why didn't they just put a nice simple low-pass filter on the output, instead of trying to get cute and put it in the emitter lead? And shouldn't there be a diode in there somewhere, to extract the waveform's envelope?

Assuming I've read the documentation correctly, the capacitor and RM don't form a low-pass filter. They serve to increase the gain of the amplifier at higher frequencies. The capacitive reactance of the capacitor decreases as frequency increases. This reduces the impedance from the emitter of the transistor to ground, increasing gain.

Comment Re:Dupe, (Score 1) 417

You can actually buy an adapter, the XFPS [], for 360 that converts a M&KB setup into a regular controller for games that don't support it directly

The mouse control with those adapters is universally sluggish and terrible. There is no way to get decent mouse control on the 360.

Comment Re:Did not enjoy it. (Score 1) 63

gave Baldur's Gate II a try and actually enjoyed it for a time..until the vampires came along who hit you with the double-whammy of "speed" and "level drain" all at once. After dying and reloading about a thousand times I realised that this was just not fun.

There are a few items that protect from level drain, the 'amulet of power' being the easiest to get. In addition, clerics get a spell called 'negative energy protection' that grants immunity from level drain for a short duration. Failing that, summoned monsters can be used to tank for your party while your spellcasters pound the vampires.

There are also several cleric spells available that make short work of vampires, 'false dawn' and 'sunray' being two I recall very well. If you have a cleric of a high enough level, s/he will also be able to use 'turn undead' to destroy vampires.

I'd recommend giving the game another chance; it becomes very entertaining once you come to grips with the game mechanics.

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