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Comment Re:Wait for the conspiracy (Score 1) 284

Alternatively, this is the warning to Hillary that they have lots of stuff to blackmail that isn't public knowledge and knew - through watching campaign coverage news coverage - that this wouldn't hurt her chances for winning since the media would keep the focus on "evil Russians" rather than on the contents of the email.

In fact, most of the coverage seems more focused on what part Trump may have possibly hypothetically played in this rather than the actual content of the emails.

Make no mistake, but this hasn't hurt Hillary at all and has probably damaged Trump. And Russia is savvy enough to expect this outcome. Like us, they are skilled at the game of overthrowing and then installing puppet governments.

Comment Re:Shouldn't have upgraded to W10 ! (Score 1) 239

It's 'are they documented' or did upper mgmt just mention it in the hallway that there's no funding for backups so they couldn't be held accountable.

Unless IT asked for the stuff they needed in the hallways, there is documentation at least that IT was trying to prepare for this. If IT asked for this in that hallway and was fine with a no in that hallway, the IT folks didn't really think it was important.

Heck, I learned pretty low in the chain and at a very early age to ask for things in writing that went against what I thought was correct - only took a few times being burned to learn that. And also to know which battles where were fighting and which weren't (this would clearly land in the former category - at the very least above "was told no in the hallway" category.

Comment Re: Arguing for resources is part of the job (Score 1) 239

Now, if they said 'make it so this never goes down' and gave IT everything they said they wanted and it still failed we can talk about IT's role in this. If IT took that mandate and incorrectly implemented it we can talk about blaming them.

What usually happens though is executives either never set the priority or failed to fund what was said was needed.

So in your world, IT needs to be told that there should be backups for system outages (for an airline no less) and once they are told this, they need to be provided an unlimited budget.

I guess short of that, ITs job is to reset passwords?

Comment Re:Shouldn't have upgraded to W10 ! (Score 1) 239

It's fun watching every department point to every other department for blame.

IT - It's upper managements fault. We assumed they took care of it. Or now, it's facilities fault.
Upper MGMT - It's ITs fault. We assumed if it still needed doing they would have told us.

Just need IT and Upper MGMT to talk first so they can sync the blame on facilities.

Comment Re:Um, (Score 1) 424

It was rigged psychologically. Bernie would win states but the super-delegate count always made it look like Hillary was getting all the votes. You had to break apart the numbers and understand how the democratic delegation system worked to understand how well Bernie was doing. Since people saw Bernie was losing, it was hard to build more energy to support him. There was a reason electoral turnout was down so much for the democrat primaries.

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