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Comment Re: chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 250

I'll sum-up your post: To force all breast-feeding mothers outside of public places is a non-issue.

Well, I beg to differ. If you're offended by nature, stay home and clse the shades. Let the mothers breastfeed wherever the fuck they want.

That very righteous of you.
So really, in your world view, Europe and most of the world is pretty intolerant for forcing people to wear cloths since we are born naked so are naked by nature.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 648

what we should do is file a lien on the Government, and take every bit of military, CIA, FBI, and DARPA technology, gov't housing for those holding office, all of their pay raises (and accounts since they're paid by our tax money) and revoke their ability to collect taxes until their debt to us is settled.

In addition to what Trump is cutting or are you just changing agencies that get cuts?

Comment Re:Surely not the only solution. (Score 1) 419

You will know to look for linux support before buying stuff. I know as a windows user, you were not looking for this info when you got it originally but going forward it will be easier. If you pick Ubuntu, Debian or one of their derivatives, searching "does this printer work on Ubuntu" will usually give you a quick answer.

I must say, based on your posts here, I am very surprised that you have been using a corporate OS versus an open source one. I would have thought that you have made the switch out of principal.

Comment Re:Why is it tanking only now? (Score 1) 90

I have a PS3 so maybe the experience is better now. But whenever I do pull out my PS3, usually about 30 minutes is installing the latest OS update. Then the next 10-20 minutes is installing whatever game patch is out.

I boot my computer and play. Steam runs any game updates in the background for all my games and I can tell windows to wait on any os updates.

Comment Re:Uh...yeah! (Score 1) 391

Though I could save money by getting my prescription meds via mail, I buy them locally because that's local taxes and supporting local jobs. And when our pharmacy plan calls to tell me how much I could save, I tell them that and it usually leaves the person on the other end of the line silent.

Then don't bitch about the costs of health care when you go out of your way to buy more expensive medicines.
This is the reason so many insurance companies are switching away from copays and straight to deductibles.

Comment Re:Uh...yeah! (Score 2) 391

Pass a law limiting CEO pay and shareholder payouts to some multiple of the number of the salary of every employee below C level.

You really think this should be the role of the government? Let me rephrase, do you think that the US government's constitutional role is to limit anyone's pay?

Even better, just limit profits and capital in a similar way, with the excess being taxed off.

Same question as above along with a "really?" You think the government should be able to limit profits and capital? Should the government be able to limit how much of my income I can put in my saving's account and instead require me to invest my savings back into the economy?

Wasn't one of the criticisms of the banks was not having enough capital to not need the bailouts? That they were spending/lending money instead of just sitting on it in case there was a financial crash.

Don't you think a company should be able to hold on to whatever capital they deem needed in case they have a bad quarter/year?

Comment Re: All my friends in NSA are looking (Score 1) 251

Not everything the NSA (or other agencies) do is morally questionable, unless you're somehow of the belief that the entire business of intelligence is so. .... Should I have quit, on the basis of a hypothetical, knowing that the work I was doing was actively helping save the lives of innocent people?

That is what JoshuaZ's friends are doing. It's a good point Anonymous made.

Comment Re:Landlords (Score 1) 805

Raising minimum wage raises the median income. It also has the added perks of making the cost of business higher which is usually transferred to the customer by raising prices of products - which then gets rid of the advantage of the minimum wage increase - but hurts those who were making above minimum wage tat did not get an increase.

Comment Re:Taxes and Fees (Score 1) 71

Mine is pretty clear with Tmobile (copy and pasted from the bill)

T-Mobile fees and charges & Government taxes and fees:
T-Mobile fees and charges
Federal Universal Service Fund $0.90
Regulatory Fee $0.08
Government taxes and fees
CA Relay Service and Communications Device Fund $0.14
California High Cost Fund - A (CHCF-A) $0.10
California Teleconnect Fund $0.30
Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Tax (911) $0.24
Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Surcharge $1.30
Subtotal: $3.06

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 805

There is also a big chunk of the population that doesn't understand that voting for bond measure that get paid for as a property tax is just a way of obfuscating that you're being asked to vote for a rent increase, so that stuff passes every single time.

That's because they are most likely renting.

My escrow cost more than my mortgage 3 years into my home loan. My monthly payments have gone up almost 200 from when I started. And I make about 58 before taxes, insurance, 401k, etc with 4 kids and a wife that no longer works.

$200 definitely makes a huge difference in our standard of living.

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