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Submission + - How the web makes a real-life Breaking Bad possible—and legal (

gallifreyan99 writes: The real revolution in drugs isn't Silk Road—it's the open web. Thanks to the net, almost anyone with a basic handle on chemistry can design, manufacture and sell their own narcotics, and in most cases the cops are utterly unable to stop them. This piece is kind of crazy: the writer actually creates a new powerful-but-legal stimulant based on a banned substance, and gets a Chinese lab to manufacture it.

Submission + - Mysterious Namibian "Space Ball" Demystified (

An anonymous reader writes: The mysterious metallic orb that fell from space this November may, according to one source, be a hydrazine bladder from an unmanned rocket. Investigators reached out to the public to see if anyone was able to identify the strange ball. Speculators have arrived at varied conclusions about the object, proposing that it was everything from a doomsday device, to reindeer droppings, to extra terrestrial space probes. Sadly Occams Razor may prove to win out once again; the simplest conclusion is most often the correct one.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple allows banned Slasher app back in App Store (

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently Apple is reconsidering the status of previously banned apps. One of the first apps to disappear from the App Store back in August of 2008 was Slasher. The author, apparently after many emails and phone calls, managed to convince Apple to reverse its original decision to ban the app. This is extremely good news for others who have fallen victim to the capriciousness of Apple's prior store policy.

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