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XBox (Games)

Submission + - Ontario gamer still missing (

Jabrwock writes: Various Canadian media outlets are reporting that a 15-year old gamer, Brandon Crisp, is still missing. Brandon was described by his parents as being "addicted" to playing Call of Duty, and has been missing since his parents took his XBox away on Oct 13th. Police are scouring the area around his hometown of Barrie, and suspect he's merely hiding out at a friend's or in one of the many cottages that dot the area, although they do have units checking the nearby waterfront. They are also examining his XBox Live account and PC for chat logs or other clues as to who he talked to and where he might have gone. His parents however, have floated possible causes ranging from gambling websites, to organized crime, to internet pedophiles and stalkers. His bike was found abandoned 4km from his home. Police are asking anyone who knows anything pertaining to Brandon's whereabouts to contact them.

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