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Submission + - The IBM Selectric typewriter turns 50 (

coondoggie writes: "It has been retired for 25 years but IBM will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the iconic Selectric typewriter on July 31. According to IBM the introduction of the Selectric on July 31, 1961 was seven years in the making. "With 2,800 parts, many designed from scratch, it was a major undertaking even for IBM, which had been in the typewriter business since the 1930s.""

Submission + - Sony using 3D TV for split screen gaming (

gurps_npc writes: The Kartel has an interesting article about a recent patent Sony filed. Basically they want to hack a 3d tv set up with 2 paris of 3d glasses. They want each seperate glass to display a seperate view (so instead of each pair of glasses having a left eye different from the right eye, one is set to see the "right eye" view to both eyes, while the other is set to show the "left eye view".

This way, two people can watch the same TV and see a different picture — peerfect for head to head racing games. Right now they just split the screen, but that has two problems. First, you can see your opponent's screen, and second, your own view is half the possible width. It is an interesting idea..


Toyota Sudden Acceleration Is Driver Error 930

phantomfive writes "The NHTSA has investigated data recorders from Toyota cars whose owners claimed to have crashed due to an accelerator error. They found that the throttles were wide open and the brakes weren't being pressed. The investigation looked at a sample of the cars, selected by the NHTSA." Jamie found this article with a superior headline at Balloon Juice.
It's funny.  Laugh.

ESRB Exposes Emails of Gamers Who Filed Privacy Complaints 75

simrook writes, "Many people filed privacy complaints with the ESRB over Blizzard's recent (and afterward recanted) move to require the display of users' real life names on Blizzard's official forums. 961 of those complainants had their email addresses exposed in the ESRB's response." The response itself didn't go into the organization's thoughts on Blizzard's plan, but they explained to the Opposable Thumbs blog that anonymity isn't a huge concern to them, as long as users are given the opportunity to opt out. "The role of the ESRB Privacy Online program is to make sure that member websites—those that display our seal on their pages — are compliant with an increasingly complex series of privacy protection laws and are offering a secure space for users to interact and do business online. ... But online privacy protection doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as anonymity. It's about making sure that websites collecting personal information from users are doing so not only in accordance with federal regulations but also with best practices for protecting individuals' personal information online."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Boy's gaming habits linked to his disappearance

shaun writes: "Brandon Crisp, 15, had been spending virtually every waking hour playing the Xbox game Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, his parents said. Steve and Angelika Crisp had, as a result, revoked his video game privileges on numerous occasions, they said. On Oct. 13, after an argument over the amount of time he spent playing the game, Crisp jumped on his bicycle and sped away from the family home in Barrie, Ont.

"We still feel that he's met someone online or befriended someone online through this game, and if he's gained their trust, he would have possibly gotten into a car," said the boy's father on Tuesday.

Creepy internet stalking meets frustrated runaway?"

Submission + - Harper annouces bill C-61 for copyright protection

mzac323 writes: CBC news has announced that the Harper government has submitted bill C-61 which would make it illegal to download or upload copyrighted files onto peer-to-peer sites or Youtube. Fines for downloading are punishable up to $500 or up to $20,000 for uploading! This bill also takes into account users hacking into their PVR set top boxes.

Submission + - Do Monkeys 'Pay' for Sex? (

Iddo Genuth writes: "A recent study conducted in Indonesia shows that male primates "paid" for sexual access to females in the form of pre-sex rituals, and that the success of these rituals was reduced as the number of available females went up. Although the conclusions are not decisive, it is suggested that sex is a "currency" in the monkeys' biological market."

Submission + - Cassini flyby to test for water on Saturn moon

smooth wombat writes: In a bold move, and if all goes well, Cassini will be sent plunging through the fringes of the geysers emanating from the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons. Using its particle analyzers, Cassini's trip through the geysers will hopefully shed light on what the geyser's are made of. At its closest approach, Cassini will be thirty miles above the surface of the moon.

The geysers of Enceladus were first observed three years ago when Cassini flew by the moon. Since then, scientists have been theorizing about the composition, density, size and speed of the materials which make up the geysers. This flyby will hopefully answer those questions.
Data Storage

Submission + - Hitachi releases half-terabyte notebook drive ( 5

Lucas123 writes: "Hitachi has released its Travelstar 5K500 2.5-inch disk drive that has 500GB capacity and spins at 5,400 rpm with a 3Gbit/sec Serial Advanced Technology Attachment interface. At the same time, Asus announced a 1TB laptop that incorporates two 500GB drives. The Asus M70 will be launched at CES next week. It comes optionally equipped with a digital/analog TV tuner and video recording capability. The Hitachi will be available in February for about $350 for a 400GB version and about $400 for a 500GB version."
The Internet

Submission + - Disruptive Tech To Watch In 2008

An anonymous reader writes: Ex-Networking Computing editor David Strom is back with his annual list of 5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2008.His picks include server-based virtualization (with many apps using virtual security), enterprise video, and presence-aware apps. He also says the day when an enterprise had to house its own data center is gone.("In 2008, there will be increasing numbers of managed service providers (MSPs) who will gladly do it for you, co-locating servers at third-party sites, and who will do it cheaper and more reliably.") Finally, Apple success in 07 has launched a three-way browser race among Safari, Mozilla's Firefox, and Internet Explorer. He quotes the Rand Corp's Dan O'Donnell: "It is hard to write applications that run well on both Safari and IE, so we tend to tell our users to use Firefox for the Intranet, and use whatever other browser for your external needs." (O'Connell also finds that Microsoft's Sharepoint doesn't work well on any of the Mac browsers.)

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