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Submission + - India unveils $30 tablet PC (

An anonymous reader writes: The Indian minister of human resource development Kapil Sibal unveiled, what is possibly the world's cheapest tablet PC. It is tentatively priced at Rs 1,500) about $30. The minister expects the prices to drop down to Rs 500 (about $10) when the mass production starts.

Students Kicked Off Facebook for Eating a Cat 6

A group of really hungry students from the Danish School of Journalism have been kicked off Facebook for cooking and eating a cat. The group posted 30 pictures of themselves cooking and eating the animal in an attempt to draw attention to the way pigs and cattle are raised for meat. Laura Bøge Mortensen, the editor of a student magazine that carried an article about the meal, said, "We had to count to three before we sat down to eat, and I wouldn't really say that we stuffed our face. Everyone did take a bite though." She added that the taste was "a little like chicken, with an aftertaste of fur." If you drop a roasted cat, does it still land on its feet?

Submission + - YouTube Launches High Quality Videos (

jason writes: YouTube has launched the ability to watch high quality videos without needing to modify the URL. They've added a link below each video that has a high quality version available and clicking it will instantly switch you to the more bandwidth-intensive version. There is also an option available in the YouTube settings for registered users to make viewing the higher quality video the default option. Now we just have to wait for them to encode more of the videos in the higher resolution format so that we can really benefit from this.
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Submission + - House hunting with high speed internet

beerdini writes: I'm about to start house hunting in the mid-Michigan area and one thing that I absolutely must have is high speed internet. In my area Comcast is the most abundant service provider, but I've had them in the past and am not a big fan. I know that there are a few pocket DSL providers around my area, but I have no clue who they are or what their areas are so I can look for houses that I can use them. Most of their websites are useless for me also, since the information they want is a street address, which doesn't help since I'm trying to find an address in their service area. Does anyone know of any websites that track high speed ISPs and their service areas so a house hunter can find a new place with the type of service that he wants?

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