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Comment Add more fuel to .... (Score 1) 297

Add more fuel to the concept that there is a "talent shortage". Companies are just completely unwilling to pay what workers are worth or offer them any training flexibility or even kindness.

Modern employers feel completely entitled to perfect workers for dirt cheap pay and completely unfulfilling work.

Then they whine "labor shortage".

Comment Re: If it's unzipping encryption it has to re-zip (Score 1) 100

Yep, the IT group continually sends employees emails telling us how much they don't trust us, THEN the decrypt our SSL sessions and expect our Complete trust in them... no dice, you made it completely clear that No One could be trusted. How does your newfound snooping power change that concept?

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

The interesting thing that I find in the gun control debate is that Progressives show great concern and compassion for gun victims and demand we "do something" because of all the deaths from guns.....

From the site http://www.gunviolencearchive....

Total number of gun deaths in 2014: 12,556

That is a horrifying number and is alarming. However, those same Progressives literally shrug off this statistic:

from the site

Total number of abortions in the US in 2014: 926,200

Thats nearly TWO orders of magnitude more deaths.

I know I know, "clump of cells" and all. But Progressive are incredibly blasé about life in one sense and incredibly dramatic about it in another.

Another statistic:

From the site:

Car crash deaths: 35,092

So I'll finish with this. I get that strengthening abortion restrictions is something that Progressives won't do because well "those aren't people". And the Right won't move on gun restrictions because of the right to bear arms.

But you know what would be the best thing and save a lot of lives would be? How about we keep government from restricting our access to self driving cars because they can't figure out who will be liable. Because the longer we wait to get access to self driving capabilities the more people will be impacted by that last number. And thats one we can actually affect, although ironically by having the government not overly regulate.

Comment Re:The end is near? (Score 1) 481

I don't know where you get the impression I'm disagreeing with you.

My personal opinion is that widespread adoption of Nuclear power is THE answer to solving climate change. I like wind and solar power too, but that whole "constantly available" thing is a struggle for those technologies to get past. Zero emissions is zero emissions that means no coal plants that means either we pave the world with the current tech solar panels or we use nuclear.

So I'm really talking about doing what needs to be done instead of passing a bunch of laws and/or passing around a bunch of money (ie. carbon credits).

And yes my dig on Gore and Leo is not key to solving a problem, but dammit, I'd like the people stating that this is a problem ACTING like they know its a problem and showing it in how they act.

Right now Gore and DiCaprio come across like people telling us how horribly awful second hand smoke is while lighting up yet another cigar....

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