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Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 108

It is a book. The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell, first published in 1970.

The author has a nice piece written on Amazon (the link above). Scroll down to "Editorial Reviews - From the Author". He basically says that he rehashed things he found in other books at the NYC public library. It was a good basis to start with, but it shouldn't have been the finished product.

It sounds like you're talking about all those random text files that have been in circulation for decades. Most of those are junk too, written by people who barely have a grasp of the subject material. I used to really enjoy reading them, and as my real-world experience grew, I realized how many of them were worthless noise.

Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 108

As I recall, The Anarchist Cookbook was full of such errors. It ranged from simply won't work, to serious dangerous errors. I haven't read it since the 1990s, so I can't be more specific.

Another wonderful sources of questionable information was BBS and FidoNet text files. The best craptastic information worth almost as much as the price (free). I read quite a few almost interesting illegal drug recipes. Those too went from useless, to explosive and/or poisonous.

Comment Re:Well that would be refreshing (Score 2) 287

If you're going to make up a conspiracy, at least try to make it somewhat factual. The estimated range for birth would have been Apr 17, 1948 to Apr 23, 1948. None of them were born then.

Jun 22, 1933 - Dianne Feinstein
Mar 26, 1940 - Nancy Pelosi
Nov 11, 1940 - Barbara Boxer
Dec 11, 1943 - John F. Kerry
Aug 19, 1946 - William Jefferson Clinton
Oct 26, 1947 - Hillary Rodham Clinton
Mar 31, 1948 - Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
Nov 17, 1948 - Howard Dean
Nov 23, 1950 - Charles E. Schumer

You do have some legitimate choices to use.

Apr 17, 1948 - Alice Harden - Teacher and politician.
Apr 18, 1948 - Regis Wargnier - Director, producer, screenwriter
Apr 19, 1948 - Stuard McLean - Radio personality and author
Apr 19, 1948 - Rick Miller - Baseball player
Apr 20, 1948 - Merlin Hay - Army colonel and politician (Scotland)
Apr 20, 1948 - Remy Trudel - Teacher and politician
Apr 21, 1948 - Gary Condit - politician
Apr 22, 1948 - Bishop John Pritchard
Apr 22, 1948 - Jancis Robinson - journalist
Apr 22, 1948 - Larry Groce - radio host
Apr 23, 1948 - Pascal Quignard - author and screenwriter
Apr 23, 1948 - Serve Theriault - actor

Comment Internet Depression (Score 4, Insightful) 110

In other news, people who frequently use the Internet see how stupid most other people are.

Representatives from the National Institute of Health (NIH), United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) all recommend avoiding interactions with stupid people.

Most importantly, avoid places both real and online, where they may congregate. Specifically mentioned as such dangerously stupid locations are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn.

"While you may think that you can help guide some stupid people away from their stupidity, it will only hurt you. Many very intelligent people have tried, driving them to believe this planet is occupied by absolute morons. There are other studies being performed to determine if we have passed the point of idiocracy."

Comment Re:Unarmed ships are helpless. (Score 1) 104

I was agreeing with you. :) I haven't been there, and really don't see a need for it in the near future.

With as much as they've changed, according to the current public information, I can understand someone thinking there was no law. There is always a law. As you said, there is the government, and there are warlords. Any good gang or self-declared local gov't, has some sort of organization and laws. In anarchy and chaos, someone will always strive to have power over others. They have to adopt at least some sort of legal system. They may not *say* it, but it's there.

As I understand it, and I could be far off base here, much of Africa works in similar ways.

Honestly, we have the same here. We don't have "warlords" exactly, but we have elected officials who may bully their way into a position. Once they're in power, they can tend to take liberties, which may not be exactly legal. Sometimes those leaders aren't elected. Gangs, "clubs", and other groups fill voids, installing their own beliefs on how things should work. Look at street gangs, the mafias, and even the Y'all Qaeda. Only one of those groups forget to bring snacks. :)

And I think what you were looking for in your last paragraph is ribbons, medals, and insignia.

Comment Re:Unarmed ships are helpless. (Score 1) 104

I guess it's good that I haven't gotten into the piracy business. I could do well with "liberating" the ships and cargo from the previous owners. :)

Hostages have to be clothed, fed, and otherwise taken care of. It's easier to just let them go at the first safe port.

A while back, I wrote up a theoretical plan on amassing a flotilla of pirate ships. It looked good on paper, and could probably make a great piece of fiction. In real life, I'm allergic to things like having my flotilla being blown out of the water by any of a number of well armed navies.

Being in the middle of an ocean without a ship is similar to flying without an aircraft. It may be fun for a few minutes, but can have dire consequences after that.

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