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Comment Re:Debunked ??? (Score 1) 706

Isn't it funny that Snopes managed to debunk this particular murder before a police report was available?

They make a good point when they state:

Police reported that Rich was conscious and breathing at the time of the shooting. Had he any information about his murder having been a set-up, he likely would have conveyed such to attending officer before he died of his wounds shortly thereafter.

Comment Am I missing something? (Score 2) 278

Am I missing something from the summary? Israel's Minister of Internal Security said that a murder could have been prevented if Facebook told them about somebody's post, and now they're pushing for laws that make Facebook take down posts they don't like. How are the 2 related? How does the power to take down posts help them identify hateful posts?

Comment Signal is great (Score 1) 171

Signal is great! Easy to use, secure, open source. What's not to love? The iPhone version sucks more than the Android version and there really isn't a desktop version yet. I really want a way to read and respond to Signal messages on my big keyboard and monitor.

And yes I know about the Chrome extension, I don't use close-sourced browsers.

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