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Comment Here's why: (Score 1) 435

I watched Tron in 3D on my buddy's 3DTV with no glasses required. My eyes were comfortable and I didn't have any problems. I thought it was really cool for the first 15 minutes, but after that I totally forgot that I was watching in 3D. I just didn't care and barely noticed.

I even bought a big nice 3D monitor. I don't care for the 3D at all. I won't spend the $100 for nvidia's 3d glasses and instead spent $700 on a Vive and now I get a much better 3D experience.

Comment Re:Offtopic (Score 2) 110

This story is new and the comments are fresh. You need to wait a day before more comments pour in and they get moderated so you don't see all the bullshit and smart comments make it out. I do feel your pain though, Slashdot comments have gone down in quality overall. If you find a website with tech news and smart people commenting, come back and let us all know! And consider staying and contributing to the intelligent conversation!

Comment Re:zero day? (Score 1) 164

Right, it was a 0-day when it was released... a month ago:

My Debian stable machine is safe, I'm missing that file, don't use chrome, don't use gnome file managers that attempt to preview music files. Yes 0-days are bad and can happen in Linux environments as well as any other, but there's still the lack of monoculture in Linux. Show me a windows machine that doesn't have IE installed.

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