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Submission + - KDE and Slimbook Release a Laptop for KDE Fans 1

JRiddell writes: The scope of KDE projects grows ever larger and today we are announcing the KDE Slimbook. It comes pre-installed with KDE's Plasma desktop and runs KDE neon. "The KDE Slimbook allows KDE to offer our users a laptop which has been tested directly by KDE developers, on the exact same hardware and software configuration that the users get, and where any potential hardware-related issues have already been ironed out before a new version of our software is shipped to them. This gives our users the best possible way to experience our software, as well as increasing our reach: The easier it is to get our software into users' hands, the more it will be used."

Submission + - 20 Years of KDE Timeline (

JRiddell writes: KDE is celebrating 20 years as the original and best free software end-user creating community. We are currently in the middle of QtCon, the largest gathering of open development end-user developers ever. The milestones of our project are marked on our 20 Years of KDE timeline. Find out the meetings and releases which defined KDE. Learn about the early and recent KDE gatherings around the world and how the branding has evolved over the years. What was your first KDE release?

Comment KDE is Alive and Kicking! (Score 1) 38

Let this put an end to the silly suggestion that KDE might be dying, we are part of the largest gathering of end-user open developers at the most fancy venue in the centre of Berlin. There are 13 tracks of talks discussing everything from empathy to open web services. KDE is the most friendly and active community you could ever have the pleasure to join, it's just a lot larger than just a desktop these days.

Submission + - QtCon Opens in Berlin

JRiddell writes: A unique coming together of open source communities is happening in Berlin over the next week. QtCon brings together KDE, Qt, VLC and FSF-E to discuss free software, open development, community management and proprietary coding. Live streams of many of the talks are available now. The opening keynote spoke of open data and collaborative coding freeing accessibility information. 13 tracks of talks cover Community, Web, Best practices, Automotive, Mobile and Embedded, Let‘s talk business, Tooling, QtQuick, Multithreading, OpenGL and 3D.

Submission + - Q&A: Jonathan Riddell On Stepping Down As Kubuntu Release Manager

itwbennett writes: In a post today, Kubuntu founder Jonathan Riddell announced that with the 15.10 release he is stepping down as release manager. The announcement comes several months after Riddell was forced by the Ubuntu Community Council to step down as Kubuntu's leader — even though Riddell ran Kubuntu for a decade without a formal leader. Swapnil Bhartiya spoke with Riddell about his decision to step away from Kubuntu and his plans for the future.

Comment Re:Should be interesting RE- Nato (Score 1) 375

'I believe Alex has mentioned before that "when" Scotland breaks free' Being a skilled professional politician he will have been very careful never to say any such thing

'they'll try and use their current position of being British to just seamlessly slot into NATO and the EU' This is because we are part of these unions and there's no reason to think we'd be kicked out

"I wonder if theyre allowed to stay Nuclear free zone whilst being in NATO." why would it be any different from say Denmark or Norway?

"More likely, the threat to remove the Nuclear weapons is a way of renting out the bases from the new English Commonwealth" the SNP have been very clear they wouldn't do this if they are elected as the first government of an independent scotland

Comment Hope So (Score 4, Interesting) 375

I hope it does mean the end of the weapons of mass destruction we have north of Glasgow, removing Trident is one of the major reasons for voting yes to independence next month. It's a shame this is the only issue that has caused it to be brought up on Slashdot.

In reality the submarines can be housed in England but politically many people in England don't want nuclear bombs next to one of their major cities. That London based politicians think it's fine to put them next to one of Scotland's major cities shows why we need this referendum.

Submission + - Kubuntu to be Sponsored by Blue Systems ( 1

JRiddell writes: "Kubuntu, the KDE flavour from Ubuntu, has found a new sponsor in Blue Systems. They will be providing more resources than were available by previous sponsor Canonical. The project will remain much the same, community led, KDE focused, Ubuntu flavour. With the new independence it can branch out into new markets such as a Kubuntu Active flavour for tablets."

Comment Too early, wrong server (Score 5, Informative) 243

Hi, I'm the release driver for Beta 1.

Ubuntu Beta 1 is not released yet and will not be released until posted to ubuntu-announce. Until then we might pull the images if we find problems.

This slashdot story is also weirdly linking to the wrong server for Ubuntu, cdimage has only DVDs and other obscure images for Ubuntu, almost everyone will want the CDs. You can find the link to those on the release announcement when it is posted.

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