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Comment Re:Its the capacitors (Score 1) 170

Were the capacitors manufactured about ten years ago? ;-)

You wouldn't use electrolytic capacitors in space because ...

Years ago there were some bad production runs of capacitors that found there way into various electronic devices. Blaming the capacitors for hardware failures became a bit overused, a sort of joke, at the time. :-)

Comment Re:At this rate... (Score 1) 261

depends on what you call "slightly" and what you call "significantly," I suppose.
At the moment, the warming rate is 0.18C per decade.
The projections for a century from now will depend on assumptions of what amount of greenhouse gasses we put into the atmosphere over the next century, which is going to be a guess.

Comment Re:White Power Rangers...ASSEMBLE! (Score 1) 307

No. I was thinking of Robert Byrd who did his best to continue segregation until political reasons forced his to pretend to change. And pretend was all it was. You just had to listen to the man.

Quick google search would show you that

Democrat Senator Reid is the same way (but he is bat-shit crazy so I almost want to give him a pass.) He made these comments in 2008, long after Thurmond dies (so much more recent.)

Comment Re:Some things are worth waiting for (Score 1) 57

If you don't want to binge-watch, you could exert self-control and...not.

And if you do binge watch, you can exercise some self control and wait for the whole season to come out rather than watching them one at a time as they come out.

Either method results in about a year gap for binge watchers.

Comment Re:Batching Means Delay (Score 1) 57

So you'd rather wait for a year while they make the next season after they release their big batch?

Having it all at once lets me watch it on my schedule, and I don't mind waiting for that in the slightest.

Wait until its all released and watch as you choose?

No! He want's to watch it this way so everyone should. Asking him to wait to watch an episode that is already out there requires discipline and is very un-millennial of you.

Comment Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening (Score 1) 261

Thunderstorms are impressive, but at their basics, they are just a manifestation of the convective transfer that establishes and maintains the adiabatic lapse, which has been incorporated into climate models for the last fifty years. Convective heat transfer is the cause; thunderstorms are merely a manifestation. That's the way (or much of the way) heat is moved in the atmosphere: by convection.
And, yes, convection is pretty well understood. Your proposal that convection represents a "new" feedback mechanism that atmospheric scientists have never thought about, and that therefore invalidates all the previous models, is a little naïve. In any case, however, precipitation represents 100% humidity. To "invalidate" the feedback effect of humidity, you need to show that humidity decreases with temperature. Saying that thunderstorms increase will, if anything, serve as a demonstration that humidity increased with temperature.

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