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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - OpenOffice.Org Now Under LGPLv3 (

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Sun has moved to the LGPLv3 license. They cite worry over software patents as being one of their main reasons for this move, saying 'Upgrading to the LGPLv3 brings important new protections to the community, most notably through the new language concerning software patents. You may know that I am personally an opponent of software patents, and that Sun has already taken steps in this area with a patent non-assert covenant for ODF. But the most important protection for developers comes from creating mutual patent grants between developers. LGPLv3 does this.'"
Linux Business

Submission + - Darl McBride Leaving SCO

JoGiles writes: "Linux-watch is reporting that while The SCO Group may go on to pursue its plans with a $100 million buyout, it will do so without its longtime CEO Darl McBride. Buried in the proposed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Unix vendor and Linux litigator SCO and SNCP (Stephen Norris & Co. Capital Partners) is the note that "upon the effective date of the Proposed Plan of Reorganization, the existing CEO of the Company, Darl McBride, will resign immediately.""

Submission + - Information Exchange During Kissing

Reservoir Hill writes: "Human lips have the slimmest layer of skin on the human body, and lips are among the most densely populated with sensory neurons of any body region. An article in Scientific American says that when we kiss, these neurons, along with those in the tongue and mouth, send messages to the brain and body, setting off delightful sensations, intense emotions and physical reactions that some scientists believe facilitate mate selection. "Kissing," says evolutionary psychologist Gordon G. Gallup, "involves a very complicated exchange of information — olfactory information, tactile information and postural types of adjustments that may tap into underlying evolved and unconscious mechanisms that enable people to make determinations ... about the degree to which they are genetically incompatible." A majority of both men and women disclosed there had been times when they were attracted to someone only to find that their interest evaporated after their first kiss and they ended the romantic relationship then and there — a kiss of death for that coupling and although a deep kiss is largely a way of males advancing to the next level sexually, women use kissing "to provide information about the level of commitment if they happen to be in a continuing relationship," Despite all these observations, scientists admit that the subject continues to resist complete scientific dissection as romance grudgingly gives up the mystery of the kiss."

Submission + - Bulgaria Beats US in respecting privacy (

An anonymous reader writes: Yes, Privacy International Rate the old US of A as one of the most intrusive and least respectful governments in the world. The fact that Bulgaria respects the privacy of its citizens more that the US does is sad. In fact we rank alongside China, who thoughtfully censors internet content for its citizens. Don't shake your head about that, because H.R 1955 aka the "Thought Crime" bill finds that the internet is a constant source of terrorist propaganda bombarding the helpless American citizens. In the testimony for this bill, horrifying terrorist propaganda websites, such as were held as prime examples of this campaign of terror that threatens the American citizen. Funny, I just thought the website talked about inconsistency in the Government's explaination of the 9/11 attack on the Word Trade Center. I guess the government thinks anyone who challenges their explanation of this incident must be a terrorist. Historically speaking, 9/11 reminds me of another incident. The German Parliament building was burned down, and the Chancellor Hitler accused Communist terrorists of destroying the building, despite evidence that Hitler's goons set the fire. Soon Hitler got laws passed erasing the rights of German citizens. Result, 6 Million Jews murdered and 50 or 60 million dead in a world war. But that couldn't happen here in America, I mean would we pass a law creating a secret police that could torture people and hold them without trial?

Submission + - Sony rootkit - the return? 2

An anonymous reader writes: This christmas, I bought an mp3 player for my sister, a SONY NW-E015. I learnt, but too late, that I had to use the SonicStage software to upload music to it, and that apparently, it ain't that great. But the license of that program was even more troublesome. Beh, I have nothing to hide anyway.

Submission + - UCLA Probe Finds Taser Incident Out Of Policy (

Bandor Mia writes: Last November, it was reported that UCLA cops Tasered a student, who forgot to bring his ID, at the UCLA library. While an internal probe by UCLAPD cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, an outside probe by Police Assessment Resource Center has found that the police actions on Mostafa Tabatabainejad were indeed out of UCLA policy. The probe was conducted at the behest of acting UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams.

From the report:
"In light of UCLAPD's general use of force policy and its specific policies on pain compliance techniques, Officer 2's three applications of the Taser, taken together, were out of policy. Officer 2 did not take advantage of other options and opportunities reasonably available to de-escalate the situation without the use of the Taser. Reasonable campus police officers, upon assessing the circumstances, likely would have embraced different choices and options that appear likely to have been more consistent both with UCLAPD policy and general best law enforcement practices."

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