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Comment Wacky Muslims (Score 0, Troll) 1131

I am not a Muslim, nor am I religious in any way (personally I find all religions to be backward, generally). That said...

Many posters in this thread have comments about how wacky, insane, stupid, backward, prehistoric, etc. all these Muslims are. Can we at least stop giving insightful mod points to folks providing blanket statements about one of the largest religious community's on earth? Such broad statements about any single large group of people is not intelligent let alone insightful, generally.

Not all Muslims are extremists and not all Muslims care about South Park and what they parody. Many of the blanket comments I've read here are akin to how "black people are" and other discriminatory comments. I am certain most of these comments are not intended to come of discriminatory, but it seems we need a little bit more care in choosing our words in these cases.

Violent Muslim extremists are the ones to be called out here, not the entire Muslim community. Violent Muslim extremists deserve to have parody's of Muhammad shoved up their arse's with their own AK's. Let's at least call out who deserves this kind of rhetoric and not discriminate against 1.57 billion of the world's population.

I'm pretty sure if all Muslim's are violent extremists there won't be much left of any society after Eric Cartman farts and claims Muhammad is speaking through him.

2 cents.

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