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Submission + - How Child Porn is Distributed ( 1

thomasdn writes: "In this truly fascinating story, "Mr. X" — who has been working for 10 years inside the international child porn industry — gives us technical details about the architecture of the systems and the methods used for distributing child pornography. Mr. X writes: 'Each one who has little technical knowledge will [understand] the importance and implications of this... But what I have to report to you is much more significant than this, and maybe they will finally understand to what extent the public is cheated by the greedy politicians who CANNOT DO ANYTHING against child pornography but use it as a means to justify total monitoring.'"

Submission + - Robbers steal $6.3 million in Denmark Heist (

thomasdn writes: "Armed robbers got away with 30 millions Danish crowns (USD 6.3 million or 4 million) in a big heist against the Loomis security company.

Masked robbers armed with automatic weapons stole about 30 million kroner (4 million; US$6.3 million) Tuesday from a cash depot in suburban Copenhagen and left explosives in their wake to avoid pursuit, police said.
This story has been covered several places."

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