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Comment so you don't have internet access already? (Score 1) 143

if you are already paying for internet access to.... you know... ACCESS THE INTERNET, like for instance to post on slashdot, then you cannot say it is a cost of Netflix or other online television subscription. you are already paying for internet access anyways, so netflix is only costing a whopping $7.99/mo

given the amount of content available on netflix as compared to whatever tiny handful of channels you get from your antennae, i'd say that's a $7.99/mo well spent

Comment no, fake news is real, and a real problem (Score 4, Insightful) 104

Depending on where you draw the line, fake news is shit like 'Obama appoints sharia council' - online equivalents to the National Enquirer, where they literally just make things up to create juicy clickbait headlines that then spread like wildfire through all the idiots on FB. Or, it is stuff like Breitbart that may start with something kinda factual but present it in unbelievably biased or dishonest ways. There is a lot of grey area, but some sites are definitely well into the muck of what any reasonable person interested in objective reality would call 'fake news.'

Comment Trump sold out to GOldman Sachs too. oops. (Score 1) 469

He's probably going to appoint Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs alumni, as the Treasury Secretary. Feel betrayed yet? You should.

This is where everyone finds out that their "anti-establishment" candidate is actually not. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Comment Re:testing...for.. (Score 1) 228

that's the hiring equivalent of cutting through a gas station to avoid traffic and turn right at a red light, then telling the officer 'oh, no, officer, i wasn't illegally bypassing traffic, i was going to the gas station and then changed my mind in the parking lot'

you think you're clever, but a judge will just laugh at you and bust your ass.

Comment call a spade a spade (Score 1) 57

so what you really mean is 'someone else already wrote a program to identify any car that drives by with good accuracy just by matching it against known engine sounds, and i can write a several-line script to call that program'

which is way less impressive than your original, misleading claim.


Comment that's dishonest (Score 1) 177

of course you can build a PC from parts for much less than a prebuilt machine such as a mac. ho hum. companies assemble components and mark finished items up for profit, news at eleven.

find me a PREBUILT computer, from a sizable vendor, with equivalent hardware AND EQUIVALENT BUILD QUALITY, that is significantly cheaper than a comparable mac. not as easy, eh?

Comment asking for new constructions to use new designs (Score 1) 351

if the most modern nuclear reactor under construction is still using decades-old designs and still produces substantial nuclear waste, and there are much newer, cheaper, cleaner, safer designs that EXIST NOW that could be used...

then yeah. that seems like a pretty reasonable request to me! why are we not building them again?

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