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Submission + - The NSA vs rigged Crypto AG encryption machines? (

AHuxley writes: Did the NSA really use its super computers to read ultra sensitive messages intercepted from around the world?
Or did they get inside Crypto AG, a Swiss company that sold encryption machines to more than 100 countries?
Where algorithms swapped out for the NSA in the 1970's during the transition from mechanical to electronic machines?
How did Iran react when they found encrypted diplomatic messages in the press?


Submission + - Dying CMU Prof Pausch Gives Final, Moving Lecture

IronicCheese writes: "Randy Pausch, prominent professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, co-founder of CMU's Entertainment Technology Center, creator of the Alice 3D Graphics system and teacher of CMU's famous "Building Virtual Worlds" class, gave his final lecture to a packed and overflowing auditorium this week. Dr. Pausch, age 47, father to three young children, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been given 3-6 months of healthy life left. The focus of his talk was on how to achieve your childhood dreams an in overcoming adversity. In spite of the cruelly sad circumstances, the tone of the lecture is breathtakingly upbeat and optimistic and left the audience wiping tears from their eyes and on their feet in deafening applause for several minutes.
The talk was covered by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and by the Wall Street Journal. The full video can be found here."

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