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Submission + - Do you know how to use a slide rule? ( 5

high_rolla writes: "How many of you know what a slide rule it? Better yet, how many of you have actually used one? The slide rule was a simple yet powerful and important tool for engineers and scientists before the days of calculators. In fact, several people I know still prefer to use them. In the interest of preserving this icon we have created a virtual slide rule for you to play with."

Submission + - Daniel Lyons of Forbes admits being snowed by SCO (none)

certain death writes: "Daniel Lyons of Forbes Magazine has admitted to being snowed by SCO with concern to the law suit over Linux and SCO code. He specifically mentions the GrockLaw folks and wonders when his crow will show up, seems he has some ketchup ready to mask the flavor. Anyone who has been following the SCO debacle from the start has probably read some of his one sided (SCO) aritcles. Article can be found here (print version)"
Linux Business

Submission + - SPAM: Open source impossible to avoid, Gartner says

alphadogg writes: You can try to avoid open source, but it's probably easier to get out of the IT business altogether. By 2011, at least 80% of commercial software will contain significant amounts of open source code, according to Gartner."To some of you, this is shocking, you don't believe this," Gartner research vice president Mark Driver said Wednesday during the keynote session of Gartner's Open Source Summit in Las Vegas. "Others are saying, 'Forget 2011, it's already here today.'" Even if they don't plan to use software that's fully open source, network executives should pay attention to this trend because the open source choices commercial vendors make can expose users to risk or create competitive disadvantages. "Open source is going to come into your network whether you like it or not," Driver said. [spam URL stripped]

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