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Comment Re:Open Source Hardware (Score 1) 256

Build a low cost home brew computer. The N8VEM SBC is designed to teach basic principles of computer hardware and software. The hardware is cheap, readily available, all the information is free (beer/speech). It is designed for quick, easy, and reliable construction using simple tools.

The N8VEM project is open and all design information for hardware and software are freely and publicly posted. There are many N8VEM builders (>100) and an active community. The design is scalable from a single board computer with minimal parts and simple IO (serial & parallel) to a complete microcomputer.

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Comment Re:CRT? Are you from the past? (Score 1) 393

If that is all it takes for you to believe they are outdated, then so be it. But two of those issues are tiny, I don't care about the weight of something that sits on my desk all the time. And compared to my PC a CRT doesn't waste much power at all, especially since I tend to turn a monitor off when I'm not using it but a PC is usually left running. (who wants to wait 30 seconds+ for boot-up?)

It's not so much contradictions as me trying to be honest about the issues. I can discuss the merits and faults of something at the same time, there is no law or convention preventing me from doing so.

Comment Re:Why do so many people...? (Score 1) 227

Gays in the military is sounding like a good idea. Retreat!? We can't abandon Fernando!! I LOOOVES him!

You don't know how right you are. Except romantic love relationships often end badly. From the divorce rate I'd surmise they end that way more often than not.

The modern military instead instills other kinds of love: brotherhood, patriotism, and pride.


Quantum Theory May Explain Wishful Thinking 415

explosivejared writes "Humans don't always make the most rational decisions. As studies have shown, even when logic and reasoning point in one direction, sometimes we chose the opposite route, motivated by personal bias or simply 'wishful thinking.' This paradoxical human behavior has resisted explanation by classical decision theory for over a decade. But now, scientists have shown that a quantum probability model can provide a simple explanation for human decision-making — and may eventually help explain the success of human cognition overall."

The History of the Ghostbusters Game 54

Ars Technica takes a look at the development of the Ghostbusters game due out later this year. They go through the promising early demonstrations, the subsequent relegation to developmental limbo, and the project's eventual resurrection. Quoting: "Everyone involved with the game was extremely enthusiastic about its progress, as evidenced both by Sierra's heavy promotion of the title, as well as by how genuinely excited a number of the company's PR team were about it. Now, it isn't all that uncommon to talk with PR folk and be fed a line about how great whatever product they're promoting is, but even after several hours of drinking copious amounts of alcohol, the enthusiasm never waned; this definitely wasn't the case when we discussed some of the other titles that had been on display during the day's event. Even the members of the press corps, as we huddled together and compared notes, generally agreed that Ghostbusters had been the most impressive thing we'd gotten to see at the event. All in all, it looked like Sierra was going to deliver a game that finally gave the Ghostbusters franchise the respect it deserved, and none of us could wait to get our hands on it."
The Internet

Journal Journal: First look at FireFox 3 UI Changes

The proposed new icons for FireFox 3 have been released for a sneak peek over at Alex Faaborg's blog. A key new feature in FireFox 3 is how it will blend natively into each environment, thus there are four sets of icons effectively; one for Vista, XP, OSX, and Linux.

Encrypted Torrents Growing Fast In the UK 432

angryphase writes "The British Phonographic Institute (the UK's RIAA) has noticed a significant increase in the amount of encrypted torrents — from 4% of torrent traffic a year ago to 40% today. Whether it follows a trend for hiding suspicious activities or an increased awareness of personal privacy is up for (weak) debate. Either way, this change of attitude is catching the eye of ISPs, music industry officials, and enforcement agencies. Matt Phillips, spokesman for the UK record industry trade association explains, 'Our internet investigations team, internet service providers and the police are well aware of encryption technology: it's been around for a long time and is commonplace in other areas of internet crime. It should come as no surprise that if people think they can hide illegal activity they will attempt to.'"

Submission + - Opera Mini 4 Released (

spxZA writes: Opera Mini 4 was released today. All users of earlier versions including Beta's are forced to upgrade.

Submission + - Microsoft Demands Patent for Saying 'Goodbye' 7

theodp writes: "Demonstrating its commitment to high-quality U.S. patents, Microsoft has submitted a just-published patent application to the USPTO for Automatic Goodbye Messages. By automatically sending messages like 'Have a great afternoon!', 'Sorry, I have got to go!', 'Have a terrific day!', 'Ciao, Harry!', or even a simple 'Bye!' at the end of an IM session, Microsoft explains, one avoids insulting a converser with whom a conversation is ended. Hopefully the USPTO will give this one the quick buh-bye it deserves."

Submission + - Man hacks 911 system, sends SWAT on bogus raid. 5

An anonymous reader writes: The Orange County Register reports that a 19 year old from Washington state broke into the Orange County California 911 emergency system. He randomly selected the name and address of a Lake Forest, California couple and electronically transferred false information into the 911 system. The Orange County California Sheriff's Department's Special Weapons and Tactics Team was immediately sent to the couple's home. The armed officers surrounded the home.Inside the home lived a couple with two toddlers who were asleep and unsuspecting of what was going outside the home. The SWAT team handcuffed the husband and wife before deciding it was a prank.

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