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Comment Whew! (Score 3, Insightful) 512

Income inequality is an indirect, at best, and irrelevant at worst, measurement.

One cares about the average health, wealth, and longevity of a population. That continues to skyrocket as much of the third world becomes modernized due to economic freedom, the one measurement directly proportional to such measurements.

This continues to improve in the west, too. Their health is stalling, but due to too much cheap food and a lack of needing to physically labor.

Both of these are historically novel "problems", where most places and all other time periods, dollars per calorie and dollars per nutrition were the limiting factor to average health and longevity.

Comment Re:== vs =, | vs ||, variable/pointer dereference (Score 1) 88

I would describe something like this more as a single math or logic bug.

A single character bug I first think of a misspelled variable name in C creating a new int variable, with no lint type switches on (or nobody paying attention at the spit out warning durng compilation as hundreds of thousands of lines fly by.)

Comment Re:Well, IMHO... (Score 1) 70

I like the idea of inventors profiting off it, even if paid for by government.

The government will get their money back via increaed economic activity and taxes and other benefits (desire for which drives the research to begin with, remember, to call it into existence where it previously did not).

The alternative is a system even worse than a communist system, which rewards innovation with perverse apings of capitalism like apartment upgrades and vacation trips. And we know how shitty that is in keeping up innovation compared to the west.

Here, you propose the genius work for a meager salary and a hearty handclasp for success, then YOU walk away taking the benefits leaving the genius no better off.

How horrid.

Comment Re:Carousel! (Score 1) 318

Jessica 6 walks out of the Tinder Teleporter. The fat Slashdot nerd takes her by the hand and says, "Let's have sex."

"Oh god (Barrffff urgle urgleurgle!)"

"Darn! I guess I'm stuck renewing a virgin :( oh well."

(Goes to Carousel) "Damn, it can't lift me. Now sandmen will kill me oh noes!" (flees)

Sandman: "Waddle, waddler!"

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

I forget what game it was, but some company built their clients and servers so PC and console could play their FPS together. People with mice destroyed console players, so they abandoned that goal, and it has been ever thus since.

I had both the console and PC versions of Max Payne, and playing the console version felt like assembling a ship in a bottle: clumsily and with tongs.

It hasn't changed and there will be an elite class of destroyers who use something else.

Comment Re:No Sympathy (Score 3, Interesting) 477

I worked for a contract house that imported Indians hand over fist. (I guess they saw my resume online and snapped it up to keep up appearances of hiring Americans first. Works for me.)

Anyway, the brought us into a room one day and explained they paid overtime (which the gigantic customer paid for) but only in excess of the 45th hour. However, they would charge for hours 41-45 anyway.

This did not sit well with the Indian people. I have no idea what their base salaries were.

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