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Comment Do not do this, please. (Score 1) 174

Science is advancing so rapidly, none of this matters. You should not ameliorate the global warming because if you overdo it, you will induce an ice age, which can start in as little as a year or two (all you need is a summer where the snow doesn't quite melt) and then you will kill billions in less than a year.

We can less predict the tech in 100 years than the people in 1900 could predict today's. We are the people in 1900 trying to fix the problem using their info and their tech. Decimating their own industry would just have slowed getting to today's tech level, benefiting nobody and killing probably a few hundred million due to delayed innovation.

So, even amelioration can be bad, and the downside is magnitudes worse than warming.

Comment Re:That's going to be tought to prosecute (Score 4, Insightful) 356

The Supreme Court has overturned pretty much everything except, maybe, temporarily holding someone quiet to prevent revealing an imminent D-Day style invasion, and even theoretical at that.

If he paid or aided, then he becomes a spy. If he just received and published, he is safe. The statement he has no First Amendment right because he is not a US citizen is an embarrassing statement by a US official. A law is a law and Congress shall make no law. The idea of making something illegal outside the jurisdiction of the US which cannot even be made illegal inside the US is contradictory seven ways from Sunday.

Comment remAIn calm (Score 2) 74

concludes that "machine-learning significantly improves accuracy of cardiovascular risk prediction

Computer: Subject has 728% increase in cardiovascular heart disease risk due to obesity, sedentary lifestyle, nuggets, and left-handed masturbation to furry Dragon Ball drawings.

Impressed Doctor: God damn.

Comment Re:Wow, sounds awesome (Score 1) 69

Based on previous recent games, Half Life 3 will probably be a stripped down, console-style FPS with fewer weapons, quick time events or equivalent, and save points. The PC version will just be a port of the console one because build for the console because a near-flop on that will earn more than a hit on the PC.

User Journal

Journal Journal: sucks 1

As of today and for the past few months, sucks. They have so many scripting and click overlays or whatever generating ad content it takes up to 30 seconds to load on my fast home computer with good Internet connection.

Worse, it grinds Chrome almost to a halt. If I click the close box, it can take over 5 seconds to actually close that awful tab. Other tabs are hindered.

Comment Re:The perfect name. (Score 1) 74

That's a good question. They have to make sure this isn't a print where a very large foot slid in mud (this may or may not be obvious to footprint specialists) and that it isn't the diseased or deformed foot of some 1-off, if very large, animal.

Looking at all the large sauropods so far, assuming from the drawings they have examples of how big their feet are, and thus are accurate, this could be freaking huge.

If you look at the biggest known dinosaurs, in the first picture overlaying some, the largest two are of dubious provenance, and their feet aren't even as big as this print.

Comment And might barely, barely won that one (Score 4, Insightful) 667

If a simple 50% majority was sufficient to join, then a 50% majority is sufficient to leave.

Neither should be the case as turning over so much power should be a supermajority decision of people in a nation (because if you can't convince most people that such a big change is a good idea, you have no business doing it.) But somehow people are trained to believe a simple majority is a godlike authority instead of an abstraction of might makes right, which it should be treated as.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 547

ISPs with at least 100,000 customers will have 12 months after rules are published in the Federal Register to comply with the customer notice and choice requirements, while ISPs with fewer than 100,000 customers will be given an extra 12 months. ISPs will have 90 days to comply with new data security requirements and six months to comply with new data breach notification requirements.

Oh look at that. It's questionable whether any had even implemented it yet.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score -1) 547

So you're saying Obama jammed in a regulation he knew they would have to repeal, right before he left office so he wouldn't have to deal with it, to get brownie points, and drooling cogs in the machine are dutifully acting as predicted in screaming how bad it is to go back to the 8 years Obama was fine with this?

I haven't seen anything this cynical since Clinton introduced ridiculously over-reaching anti-arsenic levels in water literally in December before he left office, so Bush would have to take the heat for reversing them.

Surprise! The cogs won that one and the nation had the honor of paying billions for pointless upgrades to the water system.

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