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Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1) 373

Being allowed to ban players who can win is very different from it being illegal.

If one of the weirdos who plays chess in public spaces for money spots a grandmaster coming about, or even just loses to someone better than they are, they shouldn't feel obliged to keep playing more games; they can tell anyone they like to fuck off so they can focus on people they can make money from.

Comment Bad poetry (Score 1) 157

"[In the past,] your beliefs, your future, your hopes, your dreams belonged to you"

They still do. It's just that some others know what those things are. You still get to pick them. And long before most people reading this were born, there were people who were interested in knowing what they are so they can sell stuff to you, and various non-marketers could get at that too.

Comment Programmers are not statesmen (Score 1) 280

It's great when as individuals we have the luxury of choosing where we work. I'm at a point in my career where I have that luxury and I use it. I'd leave a place that frustrates me enough, either in terms of mission, management, or coworkers. As a group though, a lot of us lack that choice, and even for those who do, when they step away the employer will just find someone else to deal with the crap they left behind, because funds are sustenance, we've all got to eat, and if there are spare funds to hire people, more people will keep entering the industry (it's not like other industries are exempt from this - they often have it worse).

None of this means we should give up on trying to make the world a better place, for those of us who have that ideal. We just usually will lack the leverage to do much, like almost everybody else. And if we start with the idea that we're wiser, more ethical, or the people who are uniquely situated to debug society's ills, we're starting with a significant handicap.

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