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Submission + - Vista vs. XP Game Stability and Performance writes: "HardOCP does a side-by side comparison with a battery of games to check stability and framerates in Windows XP and Windows Vista. In addition to the lowered framerates in Vista, they had stability issues in Need for Speed: Carbon and Prey. From the article:

As you can see, some games fared better than others with the new OS. For some titles, especially Company of Heroes and Need for Speed, we saw dramatic framerate discrepancies. What's more, both of these titles have recently released patches! Other titles showed a slight, but essentially negligible difference, such as BF2142, World of Warcraft, and Prey. Really, there was only one instance where Vista was able to pick up a few more frames than XP — World of Warcraft at greater than 90fps, where the human eye can't even see the difference. To see this overall trend against Vista is very interesting and makes us wonder as to the cause."

Submission + - Dell buys Linux from Microsoft

An anonymous reader writes: Version2 (a danish newssite for engineers) has just reported that Dell will buy SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) from Microsoft.
Dell is also starting a campaign to hijack existing Linux users to SLES delivered by Dell (and bought from Microsoft).
Link to story (in danish)

Submission + - Sliverlight plugin for Linux?

LWATCDR writes: Miguel de Icaza is at it again. He is claiming that he can add support to for Microsoft's Silverlight to Mono. While I am not a big fan of Flash or Silverlight adding support for Linux users is usually a good thing, except this comment scares the hell out of me. "Fortunately, Microsoft released the source code of .NET's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) — a critical component of Silverlight — under a highly-permissive open source license. According to de Icaza, Microsoft's DLR can be incorporated into Mono and won't have to be reimplemented." So Mono will have honest to goodness Microsoft code in it. I hope some really bright lawyers from the FSF have looked at this highly-permissive open source license from Microsoft.

Submission + - Fring support for SkypeOut Unlimited

phtb0y writes: Fring says it now supports "SkypeOut Unlimited" in the USA. I use Fring on my Nokia E61i and received an email this morning from Fring support. Apparently we can now enjoy making calls via WiFi/EDGE/3G using Fring and SkypeOut unlimited for $29 per year. This previously was not possible as Fring calls were routed via the UK and SkypeOut Unlimited was restricted to calls originating from US/Canada IP address space. Fring says they have some servers stateside now and it should be possible to use this service. Fingers Crossed!

Submission + - Making Ubuntu Usable

mikemuch writes: "ExtremeTech has posted a tutorial on making Ubuntu usable. It includes stuff like changing the startup music, background, fonts, icons, and colors, as well as navigating the Nautilus file manager — on both PCs and Macs."

Submission + - Fat Planet Discovered

ExE122 writes: Scientists have discovered an unusually fat planet approximately eight times the size of Jupiter. The planet, HAT-P-2b, is the largest planet discovered to date. This new discovery contains "so much gravity a 150-pound person would weigh in at more than a ton".

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