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Comment Re:And this is one reason why ... (Score 1) 269

You must be a big fan of the latest "Total Recall" movie. The core of the earth is HOT. The movie totally glossed over that. Your cables would melt.

So install a cooling system. It could double as a geothermal power plant.

Oh come on, it's just a few thousand kilometers of pipes. We can fly to Mars, but we can't install planet-sized plumbing?

Comment Re: One *hundred* words per minute? (Score 1) 58

Hungry for donuts? Need detergent to get donut grease out of your favorite T-shirt?

And you'll also need coffee, and the latest miracle drug to treat obesity. Hey, can we check your insulin levels while we're at it? You already gave us access to your brain, so looking into something as innocent as the level of a hormone shouldn't be an issue, right?

Comment Re:By brain? (Score 1) 58

Is it just me, or isn't my typing this with my fingers "typing by brain"?

No, it's typing with muscular peripherals that are connected to your brain via UPPNCP (universal point-to-point neural connection protocol).

Just imagine what happens if either the peripheral is not working correctly or the UPPNCP connection is faulty or severed. Your brain may still want to type, but it can't.

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