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Data Storage

Journal Journal: There's nothing wrong about forgetting the past, part B

There's nothing wrong with forgetting the past and the people around it, part B
(a sequel for this story)

I guess that if Tal doesn't want to talk with me, then the only way to solve the problem is to animate Tal in my imagination, just like Joel Barish speaks with Clementine Kruczynski in his dream, while the Lacuna people are trying to erase her from his memory.
You may safely assume I'm messed up.


[idle] Hello to you!
[tal] Idle! What's up? Have you met Chompy, my husband?
[idle] Not yet, but I am very glad to see him. Say Chompy, how's it like to live with a girl who got partly-diagnosed borderline personality disorder, while you are a serious pothead yourself?
[chompy] I'm more than a pothead.. hahahaha
[idle] Tal, what are you finding in him?
[tal] He's the only one who can deal with me.. and look, he agreed to marry me.
[idle] Great, so what did food did you prepare for me?
[tal] I made a lettuce salad.
[idle] I hope you remembered to wash the leaves before you cut them.
[tal] (bursts in tears)
[idle] Enough.. stop doing that emotional flood thing on me.. yalla yalla. Snap out of it. Chompy, do something you idiot! Can't you see she's crying?
[chompy] In this stage, I usually light up a joint.
[idle] You are so ludicrous, the both of you. I can't understand how come I've got such a serious obsession about your wife.
[chompy] Do you want to try a joint?
[idle] Like, not? I will never smoke. Yuck!
[tal] (wiping off the tears) I believe that joints aren't included in the smoking category. They are a completely different thing.
[idle] I emphatically refuse to breath smoke into my lungs.
[tal] Your loss, you manly man
[chompy] Idle, our representation in your imagination is very shallow. Can't you try a little bit more?
[tal] Right. Remember that I'm a computer genius who isn't afraid of math, and can get into every work place I want. And usually everyone is enthusiastic about me.
[idle] It still happens?
[tal] I don't know. When you met me in that IRC meeting, several years ago, people were still enthusiastic about me. But the last person who knew me and you, wasn't enthusiastic about me at all.. especially because of my weight...
[idle] I think it's because he haven't known you long enough.
[tal] Not everyone falls under my magic. You have to be a geek.
[idle] You bore me. And it's getting boring writing this.
[tal] Do you want to play with my hair?
[idle] I won't enjoy it. What have you done to your hair, in the name of holly Elkobim?
[tal] I got sick of washing and combing it, so shorting it is a very good idea, don't you think?
[idle] No. It is revolting and outrageous.
[tal] That's the reason I'm not married to you.
[idle] Enough.. I'm leaving! And I don't want to see you in my memory again. You can continue existing from all I care, but I don't want to hear from you anymore.
[tal] You'd better stop visiting my blog, then.
[idle] Bahhhh.. If I only could forget your username. It could have saved me a lot of wasted hours every time your memory comes into my mind.
[tal] Unfortunately the technology for doing that does not exist yet, but I can recommend you about a good psychologist.
[idle] I prefer a female psychologist.
[tal] With a long hair?
[idle] Yes! A redhead.
[tal] I don't know of any.
[chompy] I actually slept with a cute redhead not long ago. She told me she's a psychologist. Or did I imagine it? I don't really remember.
[tal] You'd better not cheat on me. I'm the only one who's allowed to sleep with other males and females... and it would be indeed hard for me if I haven't been sleeping with so many lecturers.
[idle] It's so weird that you get along. You're an existential riddle.
[tal] So, have you lost your interest in me?
[idle] I think, at least until the next time I recall you.
[tal] No problem, and if I come into your mind again, you're welcome to drop by and visit.
[idle] That's simply lovely. Thank you, you've been charming.
[tal] You are welcome.
[idle] Yalla, I'm off. You wouldn't mind if I post this in my blog, right?
[tal] No problem, as long as you don't use our real names.
[chompy] Bye Idle.
[idle] Thanks dears, you were 10.


So now it'll be easier for me to work, I hope...


Journal Journal: The couple who fights and blogs it

There are those 2 people who are together, but right now the girl is having a bad, depressing period. And she writes about it and how she expects her boyfriend to help her while he doesn't - saying she's trying to learn how to control her monster, but it takes time.

And the guy writes how he feels like a rag because the girl tells him "if you're sick of my nerves, you can leave!". He is saying that she wants him to accept her no matter what her defects are.

It's pretty contradicting...

And it's fascinating. Will they break up or manage to get over the obstacle? Personally, I think that the girl is amazing, but she can be very nasty at times. I really adore that guy for bearing with her - I don't think I could do that.


Journal Journal: It's hard living in Jerusalem during the winter

It's hard living in Jerusalem during the winter.
(An IdleStory. Requires some understanding of local politics)

It's hard to live in Jerusalem when it's winter.
Especially when you live in a building without central heating, during the snow season, when you have 4 kids, after you got your electricity disconnected.
Damn. Even in Russia things are better.
And my wise husband is angry on me for taking pills. More kids can come from what he cares. Nothing bad in that, right?

There are many settlers who has no problem holding a family of 9 lives, but it's only because they knew to fill the right forms on time, and that way they get stipends from the state. But I naively believed that me and my husband's jobs would be enough for supporting the family with dignity.

In theory it could have been right. My husband's job, and my job as a philosophy lecturer in the Hebrew University, could have been enough according to the calculations I did long time ago, when we both planned the family. But unfortunately I didn't bring into account the shopping sprees we both suffer from, and now we have an home cinema system, Playstation 2 and a toaster, but there's no electricity for powering them.

And it's SO FRIGGIN' COLD! The kerosene heater that my university friend donated indeed heats, but makes all apartment stink as well. At least it can also be used to heat food.

"Mom, I hate cooked cabbage"
"Eat, sweetie, so you'll be strong"
"But mom, I'm sick of eating cooked cabbage"
"There's no choice. That's what you'll have to eat until you grow big enough to work."
"Moshiko from the kindergarten told me that they eat a different thing every day. Today they ate kneidel. What's kneidel?"
"Kneidel isn't tasty, and isn't nutritious. You must believe me that cooked cabbage is the thing you have to eat."
"But mommmmm!!"
"Stop it, sweetie. Quit prattling and eat. And try not to throw up after that"
"Okay mom"
"Sweetie, mom has to go to work now. Your bigger sister will watch on you. Don't give her hard time, otherwise I gonna spank you when I return."
"Mom, I heard that there are people who enjoy spanking."
"Didn't I tell you to stop talking with Pervert Tsahi? I'll tell the Chastity Squad about him.. I hope he enjoys getting his ass whipped by them.."
"I'm sure he'll enjoy it, mom."
"Hush, sweetie. You're distracting me from preparing."

I'm trying to appear properly at work, and it's not simple. I need to shower in ice-cold water and then patch the new holes that appeared in the clothes. I'd try to get a loan in the gray market in order to buy some normal clothes, but each time I get close to any loan shark, he points at me and loudly laughs. Probably my nasty bank clerk told them all about me.

My work day, which started afternoon, didn't start off in a promising way. I was lecturing at that time about a topic I really hate talking about: The meaning of money and property in the western philosophy. When I got to Diogenes, who turned his back to wealth and lived most of his life in complete dependence on other's donations, the students looked at me and barely controlled themselves from laughing. I don't have sympathy for most of the students. I have a feeling that the only way to make them appreciate me more is to stop writing names in the beginning of my lectures.

But at that day, something new have happened. Most of the students ran away as usual from the lecture as soon as it ended. Some of them asked questions about the test and whether it'll have choice, and only my favourite student girl asked me difficult questions of real philosophical value. After all of them scattered, I noticed a non-conspicuous bloke sitting, who continued writing notes.

He rose towards me and I noticed that he was good looking, like Lior Ashkenazi.

"Greetings, Doctor. I woud like to exchange a few words with you."
"I haven't seen you in my lectures before. Do you want to fail? Participation is obligatory in 90% of the courses, so if you decided to appear just now, then you should know that it's already lost for you."
"You can say I'm a free student. I came to get an impression of your lecture."
"I understand. And how was it?"
"Very interesting. I liked your unique point of view about money. You succeeded very well to demonstrate how our lives can be empty if we never experience the true meaning of shortage."
"I am glad to hear."
"In any way, I understood that your economic situation isn't too good indeed, and the General Security Service - The Shabak - has an offer which will get you out of the mud once and for all. Here's the address - be there tomorrow at 21:00."
"Excuse me?"
"We will talk later. Goodbye."

The guy disappeared, and left me, looking wide-eyes on the piece of paper that he gave me.

The next day I appeared in the address that he gave me. I told my husband that I'm going to meet my friend, and he laughed and said that probably it's because she's nice and always inviting me to dinner.

After several exhausting interviews and a polygraph testing, I was led to a room with several people, and the good looking guy was within them. They all sat on the other side of the table with grave-looking faces. The good looking guy started to talk.

"Doctor, we believe that you are the appropriate person for our job. Let me tell you about it.
We want you to allegedly get married to a certain person, and hopefully it will cause him to tell you his secrets. It may also grant you an entry ticket to all the underground organizations of his followers. You will be our agent, and this way you may help us to prevent the next political murder.

The salary you'll be given will help you to pay your debts and much more than that, but it will cost you. It's not that you'll have to sleep with that person, but you'll have to show lust for him, and we'll make sure that it looks like we're making it hard for you and preventing you access to him. Most of the chances are that you won't even have to touch him, but the media will hate you and the people on the streets won't like you either. In addition, you'll have to seemingly divorce from your current husband.

Only 10 years later you will be allowed to leave that job, and then you'll be free to tell the media anything you want, but before that, you'll be one of the most slandered people of the country. The will be many satires on you on the television. Are you sure you are ready for that?"

It's awful, but I'm tired of eating cooked cabbage.

"I accept."
"Welcome to the Shabak, Larissa Trembovler."


Journal Journal: There's nothing wrong in forgetting the past...

There's nothing wrong in forgetting the past and the people around it.
(an IdleStory)

"She doesn't want to hear from you anymore -- and from me as well, so respect it", said the barman. "There are many other girls you can care about, don't you think?"
"But I miss her."
"You don't really miss her. It's just the repulsion-attraction effect that influences you. In a very typical way, if I may add."
"I still think I should call her."
"You can try, but you'll just get blocked by her cellular voicemail, and I know you hate cellular voicemail, so it's a waste of your time."


Ring, ring
"Tati dear, your phone's ringing."
"Oh no, it's that IDLECHAT guy again.."
"Do you want me to locate him and warn him gently?"
"No, Chompy. He doesn't deserve any attention."
"As you wish."

Tal (standard Heb nickname) couldn't understand why Idlechat kept trying to contact her, since she hadn't spoken to him for four years.
Why? Because he belonged to the past, and she didn't like her past. In the same past, before she understood she had borderline personality disorder, she did many, many stupid things. The result of one of those stupid things was the abortion she had at the age of 17.

One of her boyfriends suggested that she has borderline personality, so she immediately dumped him, However, she also started learning about that subject, and also started to gradually abandon her old friends, Idlechat among them.
So why wouldn't he leave her?


"She's not answering."
"Ofcourse she's not answering. Why do you keep trying?"
"That's a good question... she was my first crush. You know what kind of *click* I felt between us during the first (and only) time I met her, in that IRC channel meeting near the parliament? She's one of the single magical girls I know, and I can't accept the way she cut our relationship without saying and anything and without explaining.. It's total ignorance, and it's just not nice."


Good, the phone stopped ringing.
It's true that it's not nice to cut connections with people like that, but they represent the past, and while it's important not to be nasty to people, it's more important to keep your sanity.
"Chompy, do you have any idea where we should put the Weitzmans?"
"We'll put them at the edge, near the orchestra, so they'll have no one to argue with."
"Good idea. Oh! Did you fax our song to the orchestra?"
"Yes Tati. Don't worry, we'll have a splendid wedding."

1. I don't have Tal's phone. I'm not really doing that to her!
2. If you're from the country which has a city called "Well Seven", you may email me to see the original story (or comment before this silly thingie gets archived). Although I rarely check for emails.
3. Kudos for 'bang for the editorial notes. :)

Networking (Apple)

Journal Journal: Why am I connected?

The timer indicates I'm connected for 3 hours to the net (over a modem). But I can't find a reason why am I connected.... why did I connect anyway? I didn't have any reason to do that. I should have went to sleep instead, but I'm such an idiot that I turned on my computer..

And I can't remember what happened before I connected. I have a feeling I went to somewhere with my parents..
Oh I remember. I went to the street party. I connected later because I wanted to post one of my blogs. But I shouldn't have stayed so long online!

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. Byebye.


Journal Journal: Beatles - Single White Album

Some radio anchor mentioned once that several people said that the Beatles could have created a good Single White Album, instead of the Double White Album which contains many songs whose quality is debateable or just stuff which isn't fun to listen to (like Revolution 9).

So I decided to burn myself a collection of the 19 songs I like most in the two discs (I have a legal copy of them). At first I was afraid that the collection will be too big to fit in a CD, but I was surprised to see that what I've chosen is only 57 minutes..

Here's what I've chosen, in case you're interested (I know you are!)

Back In The USSR
Dear Prudence
Glass Onion
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Martha My Dear
Rocky Raccoon
I Will
Mother Nature's Son
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
Sexy Sadie
Long, Long, Long
Honey Pie
Savoy Truffle
Cry Baby Cry
Good Night

OS 9

Journal Journal: Shouting on the bitch

My bitch chased the cat that I like, and I got so pissed off that I started shouting loudly on her, because I don't want her to frighten the cat!

And now my throat hurts so much..


Journal Journal: Getting rid of nose hair

What can I do about my nose hair?
I tried plucking it, and it causes my eyes to tear and I can handle it, but after a couple of hours it starts hurting in a very annoying way - similar to the pain caused by a zit before squashing it. But the problem that there's nothing to squash - the nose just hurts!

I tried cutting it with nail scissors, but it doesn't cut much so the hair is still there.. so what am I gonna do? I even tried looking for a special nose hair cutter but couldn't find one.. I gotta find it somehow.


Journal Journal: I am hungry

Please take care of the problem. Thank you.


Journal Journal: Squashed carp

The website of my previous firm is down. Seems like they erased the default.asp. So I emailed the secretary and told her that the website is down and that someone should take care of the problem.

She didn't respond. Maybe because I sent her the email under the name "Squashed carp"? (I hold grudge against that place. I can't say I'll be sad if they go down)


Journal Journal: Math or salsa?

Hola. C'est moi again!

I have to decide quickly what I should do... I want to do something useful tonight, so it won't be an altogether wasted day. Should I do salsa or learn math? If salsa, I should get ready now because it starts in an hour..

Damn.. a tele-voting girl called me and I told her that I'm in an hurry, instead of hitting on her. ;)

Update: No salsa today. It makes me too stressed. I just hope I'll manage to do some math instead. DO IT YOU HEAR ME?
Update2: I ended just reading slashdot till the end of the day. I didn't even watch the taped episode of Scrubs. Shame!


Journal Journal: Drawing frustrations


I tried drawing a CD cover, by basing it on a photo....... but the photo was bad and it depressed me so much.. I tried to retouch the photo in order to make it better but it didn't help much.. it still looked depressing.

So it made me believe much less in my artistic capabilities. I'm still depressed about it. So I need your help. Please find me a GOOD photo of the NYC subway.

I'll tell you why. I want to draw 2 people sitting on a chair in the subway (one of them will play guitar and the other will happily snore). So please find me a good, high resolution photo that I can draw on it. I prefer it to be from the NYC subway, but it can be from the Paris Metro, London Underground or any other city that has a respectable subway (NOT Los Angeles. They really suck). I tried a lot but Google Images just makes me more depressed.

So can you help me?

  - me

Wireless (Apple)

Journal Journal: Why amn't I working? 1

I came to work 2:41 hours ago and I still haven't done anything! There is obviously some defect in me.
What should I do?


I should convince myself to work... :(

PS: Yahoo sucks with mail lately. People are losing messages and their mailing lists (yahoogroups) don't always send the mail, even if it appears in the archive....


Journal Journal: Something is wrong

My supervisor hasn't gotten out of bed yet, and the cat is missing from the appartment, along with his litter box (the dog is still here though). I wonder what happened.. maybe his gf dumped him?

Update: I haven't seen the worst of it yet.. there is no milk!!! How am I going to make coffee?

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