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Comment Re:WPS (Score 2, Informative) 432

As one of the OS/2 beta testers of every release and participant on several beta-conferences held by IBM and then later using the OS in real life situations with customers, I can truly say you have no fucking clue.

Comment Re:-1 Troll (Score 1) 641

Just do:
1. Alt+F2
2 Enter 'gconf-editor'
3. Go to 'Apps - Metacity - General'
4. Edit key 'button_layout'
5. Move the colon (:) to the left rather than to the right. E.g. Change it from 'minimize,maximize,close:' to ':minimize,maximize,close'.

Problem solved!

Comment Re:A high speed railway (Score 1) 691

Ahhh another moron racist.

If you are white, my racist friend, you are a mutation, a mutant, a freak show. The original human beings were all coming out of Africa and trust me on this, they were NOT white.

The only reason why you are a mutant white freakshow, is because your very remote ancestors, moved further north where the sun doesn't shine as much and it was beneficial to have a lighter skin to absorb energy.

Comment Re:Foresight (Score 1) 135

But the solution is ridiculous.

I did some searches and found it returned hits which when clicked showed the front page of the issue the search word was found in and then you have to wade through to the correct page and use a crappy magnifying glass to read with. What a waste of time and energy gone into this nonsense.

I can truly say I will never use this feature.

Comment Re:I have sat next to these guys. (Score 2, Insightful) 940

Why is he angry?

It's all his own fault! Stop shoving worthless crap into your pie hole, start exercising. If you are fat enough for the airline to have an issue with you, it should tell you all you need to know. Haviung problems fitting your ass into a plane seat? You are too fat, start loosing weight.

Bottoom line, fat asses of the world, it is your own fault for allowing yourself to blow up like a balloon. Nobody was forcing you to eat the shit you have. Take some fucking responsibility for your own fat ass first!

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