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Operating Systems

Submission + - Infoworld has created a petition to keep XP alive

An anonymous reader writes: Infoworld has created a petition to keep XP alive. [L=here][/L] . Already 30,000+ people have signed up and the number is quickly growing. Will you sign up, and let Microsoft know about being forced to move to Vista
The Internet

Submission + - Europe on the way to filter the internet

pachybytes writes: "A report on "Cultural Industries" will be adopted next Tuesday in the European Parliament (CULT committee) which is requesting the suspension of internet connections for those who download copyrighted material, together with mandatory internet filtering measures for ISPs all over Europe. The amendment is proposed by british conservative MEP Christopher Heaton-Harris. Some other amendments also covers "P2P website designers". It might be a good idea to contact Members of the European Parliament and ask them to reject this intrusive proposal."

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