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Submission + - Github kills search after hundreds of passwords exposed (scmagazine.com.au)

mask.of.sanity writes: Github has killed it's search function to safeguard users who were caught out storing keys and passwords in public repositories.

Search links popped up throughout Twitter pointing to stored keys including what was reportedly credentials for the Google Chrome source code repository.

The keys can still be found using search engines so check your repos.

Submission + - Stary eyed dung beetles (nationalgeographic.com)

schallee writes: "Talk about star power—a new study shows that dung beetles navigate via the Milky Way, the first known species to do so in the animal kingdom.

The tiny insects can orient themselves to the bright stripe of light generated by our galaxy, and move in a line relative to it, according to recent experiments in South Africa."
Includes planetarium trips and card board hats.


Submission + - Cell Phone Unlocking To Become Illegal January 26 (itworld.com) 1

jfruh writes: "You probably don't know that the DMCA, the law that broadly bans circumvention of copyright protection, has been interpreted as making it illegal to unlock your phone so that it works on a carrier different from the one you bought it for. That's because the Librarian of Congress, given permission under the law to make exemptions to the DMCA, had determined that the U.S. cell phone market benefited from the ability to unlock phones — but that's now changing, as the librarian's office believes that there are now enough unlocked phones available for purchase that users don't need to hack their own phones. Starting this Saturday, unlocking a phone that was locked to start with will be illegal."

Submission + - Barracuda Gear Rooted - By Barracuda (theregister.co.uk)

bobdehnhardt writes: The Reg reports: Multiple Barracuda Networks products feature an undocumented backdoor, leaving widely deployed network and data center gear vulnerable to hijacking. Privileged user accounts were found in various Barracuda appliances, including its flagship Spam and Virus Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Web Filter, SSL VPN, and other gear. The accounts, which Barracuda claims are necessary for remote customer support, cannot be disabled, are hard-wired into the equipment's operating system, and can be assessed remotely via SSH or the local terminal.

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List 223

War, earthquakes, and broken washers are all unavoidable events for which a carrier should not be liable if travel is delayed according to Southwest Airlines. Southwest quietly updated their act of God list a few weeks ago to include mechanical problems with the other horrors of an angry travel god. From the article: "Robert Mann, an airline industry analyst based in Port Washington, NY, called it 'surprising' that Southwest, which has a reputation for stellar customer service, would make a change that puts passengers at a legal disadvantage if an aircraft breakdown delays their travel. Keeping a fleet mechanically sound 'is certainly within the control of any airline,' Mann said. 'Putting mechanical issues in the same category as an act of God — I don't think that's what God intended.'"

Comment Re:BTW (Score 1) 272

Why is nobody talking about the other browsers off to the right?

The ones that don't get randomized unless they are in the visible area when you hit the refresh button.

If you want diversity & true choice (like we generally claim), then these other browsers must be randomized in the list too.

Comment Re:Vista? (Score 1) 450

They're also called:
* System State / Recovery files (disk space used adjustable)
* Installer files!!! :-(
        Ever have a look in %WinDIR%\Installer ?
        Once had a custom app consume 1GB in this dir alone, due to being re-installed / upgraded several times.

How the do you clean up THAT shit?

I've previously removed that complete dir, but then the Start Menu icons go for a ball of shit.

Please help!

Comment Re:Bravo (Score 1) 218

You can have a MS Live account with any e-mail address. You don't have to use MSN, Hotmail, or what ever is linked into it.
Just like you can have a Google account which doesn't have to end in @gmail.com

Yes, you'll have to accept some EULA to sign up for a Live account, but after that, you don't have to use it.

Comment Re:Don't. (Score 1) 262

You are always self employed!

You choose to sell your time to another entity, small or large at a rate that is acceptable to you.
If you're not happy with what they are paying, the normal response is to take your business elsewhere.

You always work for yourself. It's your choice where this happens.


The Smell of Space 70

According to NASA scientists, space smells a lot like my uncle's workshop. One can detect hints of fried steak, hot metal, and the welding of a motorbike. They have hired Steven Pearce, a chemist and managing director of fragrance manufacturing company Omega Ingredients, to recreate the smell in a laboratory. NASA will use his research to help train potential astronauts. Steven said, "I did some work for an art exhibition in July, which was based entirely on smell, and one of the things I created was the smell of the inside of the Mir space station. NASA heard about it and contacted me to see if I could help them recreate the smell of space to help their astronauts."

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