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Comment Re: loyalty is a two-way street (Score 1) 765

Worst case Ontario is you just go get drunk and eat chicken fingers, amirite?

I would caveat "harassment" to add "and HR didn't fix it".

Overall, as much as they may deserve it, leaving without notice risks hurting yourself. The one question future employers may ask former employers is "is he eligible for re-hire", and a "no" there can hurt you. Sometimes it's worth it even so, but don't cut off your nose to spiderface.

Comment Re:Fuel Delivery (Score 1) 460

New user numbers are really high these days, huh? That is a long way from the old two and three digit guys in that earlier thread.

Well, I'm convinced, new and unbiased, average person, this sounds like a great idea.

Kinna Uber for CAA, then?

I wish to buy or otherwise invest.

I would enjoy this service!

Sometimes that extra trip to the gas station is a drag when all you want to do is go home after a long day at the office.

There must be a way to make this work with the law. Fuel deliveries to homes for heating fuel are a similar concept. Granted, the trucks are big rigs and no doubt follow a long safety checklist.

Comment Re:Somebody is fighting irrelevance... (Score 1) 741

This is not to disagree, but I think the value of "anonymous" as a brand, lies in its potential use for any sort of false flag operation.

Evidence suggests that it is all marketing, all the way down. This site. This story, this thread. And this post. Well, not "evidence" exactly.

I think Anonymous is largely irrelevant and powerless these days and its members know it.

Comment Re:Yeah, um, not so much (Score 1) 819

This week on slashdot, i learned that this is most correctly referred to as the "slippery fish" argument. Once the first one gets by, it's all downhill from there.

It's politics. If you don't let crazies have guns then it's the first step on the slippery slow towards rounding up all citizens and putting them into work camps.

Comment Re:Musk running away (Score 1) 414

It's all a big fake-out to get more people to line up with the telephone sanitizers.

accused Musk and other space-minded billionaires of plotting to abandon the planet to the ravages of global warming while they go to Mars to live the good life.

Seems more likely to me that Musk is going to Mars to get as far as possible from the idiot who wrote this piece and the likes of him.

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