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Comment So (Score 2) 472

If the cost to make them will "more than double" does that mean they will double the price passed on to us? In other words, will they double their profits as well? Or are they screaming and crying how they won't be able to make them "cost effectively" in the mean-old-USA.

In other, other words, how much profit in built into an iPhone anyway?

Comment Funny how that works (Score 5, Interesting) 412

>>...suggest President Obama begin "declassifying and dismantling as much of the federal government's unaccountable, secretive, mass surveillance state as he can -- before Trump is the one running it..

When Obama got into power, I assumed he'd be the typical liberal. Little did I know he'd get very friendly with the expansion of the police state. He's enjoyed using the presidential powers at whim. Now that he's leaving, someone else gets to pick up the parts he so willingly put into place and use them.

Should have thought of that before you put it into law eh there mr. president?

Comment Consider the actors involved (Score 1) 457

The book has a lot of classroom learning, told in the way of flashbacks, that show how society functions.
There is very little action in the book, compared to the discussion of society.
Can you imagine Dwayne Johnson sitting in a classroom behind a desk learning about morality?
The actors chosen show you what kind of film this will be. A Michael Bay style CGI fest about as exciting or engaging as the new ID:4 was...

Comment Re:More like... (Score 2) 275

Tell that to certified software.
You know, the kind of software where the results are certified to stand up as legal evidence in court, provided the OS is a set version?

The kind of software used in mission-critical laboratory work around the globe?

The kind of software that in order to be re-certified (if the OS should change, for one example) takes years and costs many hundreds of thousands of dollars?

That kind of software that only runs under Win7.

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