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Comment Re: Instilling values more important (Score 1) 698

Sympathies to you. Giving her advice is one thing. But she's probably going to be more interested in who you are. Tell her about yourself. What are your favourite books/ films/art/music - and why. what has influenced you the most. What have been your greatest lessons? The last thing you both want is her watching videos of you at big life events and thinking "more lectures from Dad."

Submission + - SPAM: Gaming 90's style

pvpixels writes: These days, when kids think of playing, one thing comes to their minds: computers! From toddlers to adults, there seems to be an abundance of electronic gadgets, computer games and tablet game apps that many could choose from when they want their entertainment supply fix.

But those who grew up in the ‘90s actually had a lot of fun prior to the invention of such electronically-run gadgets. Sure, most of this generation also enjoy playing with the game apps and all, but when you ask them what they played growing up, nostalgia will seep in as they will recall how they had fun playing games outside of their house – or even inside of their house, without the aid of plugged in or battery-powered gadgets. Fine, there are also gadgets but back then, gadgets didn’t really rule our world that much.

Here are some examples of these nostalgic toys and how the ‘90s kids enjoyed them.

Pictionary and other board games

A pen and paper plus an active imagination and a few friends gathered in a cozy corner somewhere– that’s all you needed back then in order to enjoy this famous board game. There are cards that each team will pick from, and they will race to draw a concept suggested in those cards. The first team to guess the right answer wins, and you try to accumulate points to lead your team to victory. Add in a few snacks in here and you have the quintessential Pictionary parties of the ‘90s where people actually met and played face-to-face – and enjoyed the company of happy peers over sketches and beers. Other board games that served similar fun times were the classic Trivial Pursuit, the bluffing game Balderdash, and the quiz game Cranium.

Tamagotchi and other role play with toys

There was a time when small groups of friends would gather together and bring their toys and make up stories with them, play out scenarios in their backyards or living rooms using small human toy figures, small cars, small versions of everyday things like kitchen or dollhouse things, and other such toys. This is a good way of developing the imagination and storytelling prowess of kids, and it’s actually being encouraged again these days. Another favorite is having mom and dad help you build a tree house at the backyard and use that as your play station. Those were the days! This role-play system is actually not exclusive to kids in the ‘90s but we’re glad we still saw lots of them being done.

But we also had certain toy products that enhanced our role-play imagination specifically in that decade. One such popular toy is the Japanese-originating Tamagotchi, an egg-shaped device where a virtual pet grows under the owner’s care and loving – just like a real pet! For those who were not into virtual playthings, there’s always Tickle Me Elmo who was a favorite furry companion of preschoolers and tots. For the older kids, there’s the hideously cute doll figure with the crazy colored hair called Trolls.


Again, all you need is a very overactive imagination and creative ways of breaking down words into understandable syllables in order for your teammates to guess the word or concept you are trying to act out through your arms, hands, facial expressions and body movements. No talking! That’s what’s fun playing this famous game, which saw a resurgence during that decade where people who want to enjoy party games always thought of playing this one on the spot, without gadgets or things involved. And laughs are proven to be byproducts.

Happy playing!

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Comment Motion tracking (Score 1) 322

If you have a watch and a smartphone that communicate, maybe get them to be aware of their relative positions to open up a new gesture interface? Eg. change volume by raising your hand, hold your hand to your ear to make a call (assuming speaker/ mike in the watch communicating with phone in your pocket) etc. Okay, so who wants to define the gestures for surfing porn ...
Classic Games (Games)

20 Years of Commander Keen 152

angry tapir writes "This week marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Commander Keen game. For those too young to remember, Commander Keen was a series of shareware 2D platform games for the PC released by Apogee Software (aka 3D Realms) developed by no less than id Software — the developers of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake."

Comment Why isn't there an app for this? (Score 1) 727

I may be being simplistic, but isn't most of the hardware required in phones and MP3 player these days? If you could have a bluetooth earpiece connected to a pocketsized device that does the processing for you most of the miniaturization issues are solved. It may be a step back from an all-in-one device, but most people have pockets full of gadgets these days anyway. So imagine a lapel mike, an iPod nano sized processor and a wireless earpiece - now it's a software problem. (Any programmers on Slashdot these days?)

Even if the software needed a professional set-up to calibrate for the individual surely this would drive the price down.

And think of the PR - all those people claiming MP3 players make you deaf - what if you made one that helped the deaf to hear?

Please, no jokes about the iEar or Google Cyborg.

Comment Re:stupid (Score 1) 410

That was Adams' real gift - it was his uniqueness being more unique that anyone else's. Anyone can be unique, but being more uniquely unique than anyone else needs a special talent.
If only everyone could be as unique as him. I think we should try to mimic this uniqueness, maybe teach it in large classrooms where everyone can learn by rote exactly what made it unique and reproduce it in a precisely quantified manner.

... and so on ...

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