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Submission + - First royal mummy found since Tut is identified (reuters.com)

brian0918 writes: In what is being described as the most important find in the Valley of the Kings since the discovery of King Tut, a single tooth has clinched the identification of an ancient mummy as that of Queen Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt about 3,500 years ago. A molar inscribed with the queen's name, discovered in a wooden box in 1881 in a cache of royal mummies, was found to fit perfectly in the jaw of "a fat woman in her 50s who had rotten teeth and died of bone cancer." Reuters also reports on the DNA analysis: 'Preliminary results show similarities between its DNA and that of Ahmose Nefertari, the wife of the founder of the 18th dynasty and a probable ancestor of Hatsephsut's.'
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - All the Buzz with Hints of Apple (digitalbuzz.co.uk)

digitalbuzz writes: "Welcome to DigitalBuzz, a site dedicated to everything to do with personal computing, with a hint of Apple. In my mind personal computing encompasses everything we tend to do or want to do with computers, music, video, phones, the Internet in fact pretty much anything digital we in day to day life. I plan on writing about how I (as well as friends & family) use computers to improve their life or as more often the case, just waste time! First of all a bit of background about me, Mr.Stickman, which I hope will give you a feel for where I see this site going and how I hope I can provide some useful advice in this field (and I promise this is the last you will here about it). I was given my first computer back in 1980, aged 6. It was a Sinclair ZX Spectrumand I fondly remember loading games via a normal tape machine, in fact they even used to broadcast little games over the radio, which if you where lucky you could record and then play back! My poor ZX Spectrum eventually died, mainly due to overheating, which even placing a bag of ice on top of it could not cure. If you fancy playing a quick game on a ZX Spectrum and you have an Apple Mac, try this Widget ZX Spectrum Emulator . My question is where is Horace goes Skiing? Next I went through an Amstrad CPC128, (and finally an Commodre Amiga). For parents out who are concerned about their children and computers, all I can say is thanks to my early introduction to computers I ended up doing okay in the computer industry. Now for my career in the computer industry (designing, which has included working for BBC), BskyB ( helping set up Channel 5), working in San Francisco during the 1st Internet boom for some of the largest Internet sites including NBC. Ah, they where the good old days with free food and beer and a belief that Internet was the future! After the boom came the bust and off to T-mobile in Germany working in the strange would of mobiles. Since then I have worked for several more big companies and started a couple of companies in the UK. In summary, I like to think I know a fair bit about computers, networking and the Internet. In fact even so I hate to admit it I am a bit of geek! This means I have several computers all networked up at home and am constantly (grr!) asked by friends and family for help with computers. Anyhow I figure I might as well write about some of the useful things I learn to help others and maybe even earn a bit of extra cash via ads etc on the site. Please read my full disclaimer about advertising etc here. BTW, if there are any companies reading this and you would like me to test your products please contact me. Also if you the reader has any suggestions or questions (technical, but I will have a go at predicating lottery results as well!) please free to contact me as well."

Submission + - Vista's Little-Known Recovery Strategies

An anonymous reader writes: Amid the debate about just how robust Vista's security really is, it's clear that Microsoft has amply outfitted the OS with lots of backup and recovery tools. Perhaps most useful is an update of the Bootcfg command-line utility from Windows XP. In Vista, it's called Bootrec and it can rebuild a bad BCD (boot configuration data) store, obviating the need for a time-consuming reinstall. How do you think Microsoft's recovery strategies compare to those in Mac OS X, which seem to be less available to the user, but also less necessary?

Submission + - My company's website was plagiarized: what next? (ripstyles.com) 1

Anonymous writes: "After a recent design revamp, I discovered that my company's website (www.ripstyles.com) has had a large portion of its content "ripped off." After digging through this other site (I am purposefully leaving out the URL) I have discovered that they have taken quite a bit of content from multiple other websites besides my own. A few calls and emails have been disregarded on their part ("Sorry....my boss is out sick...), and I'm trying to avoid legal action for as long as possible. It seems inevitable though, and I have to ask: do I owe it to the other companies to show them that their content has been plagiarized, or is it their own problem? If so, should I take this on alone? What would you Slashdot readers do in this situation?"
The Internet

Submission + - Bush Official Freaks Over Net Neutrality (theregister.co.uk)

LukeCage writes: Things aren't looking good for net neutrality. Apparently a couple of monopolies now constitute "the free market", and an angry former-telecom-lobbyist-turned-Assistant-Secretary loses it at a tech conference.

Submission + - A quicker path to outer space? (newscientist.com) 1

xaositects writes: "Scientists were able to fire a plasma rocket based on VASIMR (Variable Specific-Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket) technology for more than four hours, far exceeding previous testing times. (Previously, they only been able to test for 2 minutes before the rocket began overheating.) The rocket works by ecause the plasma rocket continuously accelerates, instead of firing at lift-off, then gliding to its destination as current propulsion systems do, the rocket promises to decrease travel times in space. Scientists say there are significant challenges ahead but hope to have a working application by 2010."

Submission + - Yahoo partially blocked in China

An anonymous reader writes: Today since around 03:00GMT Yahoo! (Yahoo.com, Yahoo.com.au, Yahoo.co.uk, and I am sure more...)
have been impossible to access from my place in China. I get a "Connection to the server was reset" error which is what you get when attempting to go to 'blocked sites'
Webpages and IM Clients are included.
What does the /. community think of the possible implications of blocking a major site with no apparent warning? And what can we learn whilst this block is in place (workarounds etc)?

note that yahoo.com.cn IS reachable:)


Submission + - Using a robotic arm to scan the Iliad

Roland Piquepaille writes: "According to Wired News, computer scientists from the University of Kentucky (UKY) recently went to Venice, Italy, to scan 'Venetus A,' the 10th century manuscript of Homer's Iliad. They've used a 39-mexapixel Hasselblad camera to take pictures of the famous manuscript and a laser mounted on a robotic arm to create 3-D images of the 645-page parchment book. As the text is handwritten, it's not easily readable by ordinary people. But Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies plans to produce XML transcriptions of the text and to put them online. Here is a link to the first page of Homer's Iliad and to additional details about this project fo a digital Iliad."

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