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Comment Analyzing the FBI's Explanation of How They Locate (Score 4, Insightful) 142

not at all:

If you still believe that the server was discovered in the way the FBI described it - try it. I did. I setup a virtual machine with a web server running a Tor hidden server. I then accessed the hidden server over Tor and looked at the traffic. No matter how much I intentionally misconfigured the server, or included scripts from clearnet hosts, I never observed traffic from a non-Tor node or a "real" IP address.

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Comment Act NOW! (Score 5, Informative) 58

We need to act now on this!

This data protection directive is probably the most serious and important thing for net politics ever. It will very much determine the direction of the world, data protection wise. Not only for the EU, but the world and not only for the next 15-20 years but probably forever.

If we now manage to get a strong data protection law in the EU, US companies will have to learn to deal with it and will have far less problems with data protection consumer rights in the US as well.

A strong data protection law builds the basis for fighting all other laws that endanger freedom and privacy. Be it SOPA, PIPA, CETA, ACTA or TPP like treaties, be it CISPA and cybercrime laws, be it a PATRIOT act, forward data retention, 6 strikes, you name it. A strong data protection law is the basis to fight all these Very Bad Things(tm) and if we don't get the momentum in the civil society to stand up now and fight for the right for privacy, all will be lost.

Europeans: keep wirting your MEPs within the next two months. Call them and send them FAX letters. Make sure they know that civil society will rise if they screw it up, like we did with ACTA.

Here you can phone your MEPs for free! Prepare yourself to go onto the streets again.

Time schedule:

  • 20. February 2013: Vote in ITRE
  • 21. Februar 2013: Vote in EMPL
  • 18. - 19. MÃrz 2013: Vote in JURI
  • 24. - 25. April 2013: Vote in LIBE

Comment Re:Any proof? (Score 1) 5

Comment Re:Developing Pioneers (Score 1) 20

Now that I found a photo from that exchange Microsoft shirt, probably the last one of its kind, I wonder where I have lost my anti-RIAA/MPAA shirt (the one on the very right with a Mickey Mouse silhouette)?

Hands up, who else still owns that shirt?

Excuse me, I have to dig in my wardrobe chest for that shirt now.

Comment Re:Developing Pioneers (Score 1) 20

I have to say I hated that "Microsoft" lettering on the wristband, which is why I covered it in duct tape. I even got an "Exchange Microsoft" t-shirt in nice Microsoft orange at Hal2001 that I brought with me for nostalgic reasons and guess what - I was not brave enough to even wear it!

Then again, one of the corporate whore uber hackers from my village was employed by M$ and as I really liked him, so I didn't want to risk insulting him.

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