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Submission + - Jobs' Dutch-built superyacht impounded (

Hyperhaplo writes: Steve Jobs' Dutch-built superyacht has been impounded in Amsterdam because of a dispute between the late Apple founder's estate and designer Philippe Starck over an unpaid bill. The yacht has been impounded due to some unfinished business, namely two invoices which were issued by Ubik last summer after Mr Jobs died. Steve Jobs was still involved with the design and build of the craft when he died.

Submission + - Web Comic Gains 30K Donations in Less than a week (

Hyperhaplo writes: Thunt, the author of the Goblins Comic recently announced via a blog post that he would soon be out of a house due to the owner selling. Thunt decided that he wouldn't ask his fans to help, instead opting to deal with the issue himself. After receiving many emails from fans about this, Thunt decided to run a Tempts Fate — which he normally uses to raise funds for his site — to buy the house he currently lives in for which he needed $30,000. This amount was achieved in a matter of days; a great show of support from the fans of this web comic.

Submission + - US trade plans to make Oz 'pirate martyrs' (

Hyperhaplo writes: The ACTA has come and gone, but the RIAA/MPAA battle on with the TPPA. From the article: Another round of negotiations kicks off in Singapore for the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and copyright user advocates have expressed fears that the agreement could see Australians automatically fined thousands for illegally downloading music if the US succeeds in introducing strict intellectual property provisions.

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