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Journal Journal: Muslim Moderation 7

One of the nice things about metamoderation is you get to see some stuff you missed before, that come up for you when you metamoderate. here's one:

Feed Techdirt: Your Computer Thinks You're Lazy (

Anyone that watches late night television is constantly reminded of America's growing beltline. To combat our obesity epidemic, infomercials abound with the latest exercise gizmos that promise to make us all fitter. But, most of these gadgets end up gathering dust in the corner since they don't do anything to motivate us to actually use them. So, need help getting off that couch? Have your computer call you. Stanford researchers have found that an automated computer message reminding people to get out and exercise is nearly as effective as a human counselor. People who were called by the computer exercised an average of 157 minutes per week, as compared to 118 minutes for the people who weren't called. Not bad -- if only someone could figure out how to actually get the computer to do the exercising, that would truly be the killer app.

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